Geospatial Science and Technology at IUP


Geospatial science and technology courses and instruction at Indiana University of Pennsylvania are mainly housed in the Department of Geography and Regional Planning.

The department has placed a great deal of emphasis over the last twenty years in developing and maintaining a high-quality applied, rigorous, and technology-intensive program in geospatial techniques.

As a result, the department presently offers eight courses in computer cartography, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. The department has a dedicated laboratory facility for geospatial sciencethe James E. Payne Cartography Laboratory that provides the computer hardware and software necessary to provide instruction and research capabilities in spatial science and techniques courses.

The Department of Geography and Regional Planning takes pride in collaborating with numerous other programs on campus to facilitate the use of geospatial technologies, both in work with students and faculty from other programs as well as campuswide initiatives such as the Indiana University of Pennsylvania GIS Users Group.