The Minor in Geology is designed for students who desire a background in geology, in conjunction with degrees in business or one of the social or physical sciences. The minor consists of eighteen credit hours of introductory and upper-level courses.

The minor in Geology consists of 18 credits.

Required Introductory Courses (6 credits):

  • GEOS 201 Foundations of Geology
  • GEOS 202 Quantitative Methods in the Geosciences

Upper-Level Elective Courses (12 credits from the following list):

  • GEOS 203 Surficial Geology
  • Any 300-level GEOS course
  • Any 400-level GEOS course, except GEOS 470 and 480

Note that only one Geoscience Field Workshop (including prerequisite seminar) can be counted toward the minor.

For more information, see the Undergraduate Catalog.