Students studying water drainage patterns on a beach POWER OF WATER Students profile a cross-section of a beach on one of many field experiences available to Geology majors.

What You'll Do in the BS in Geology/Environmental Track

In the timeline of Earth's history, people haven't been around very long, but we've certainly made an impact on the planet. As a Geology major pursuing the Environmental track, you'll get an education that provides both a rock-solid foundation and forward-looking preparation for a career in the geology area of the environmental field.

You'll take a core of required Geoscience courses and will choose from a list of classes in related areas. Free electives can be used to add an internship, independent study, or classes from other departments such as Biology's Environmental Health Science area, Safety Sciences, or Chemistry.

In the Geoscience Department, hands-on learning, fieldwork, and student-oriented research are emphasized in laboratories that include the Marine Sediments Laboratories, the Geochemistry Research Laboratory, the Paleontology Research Laboratory, the Structural Geology and Tectonics Laboratory, the Planetary Science Laboratory, and the IUP Planetarium. IUP also offers field courses at distant sites such as Newfoundland, the Yellowstone region, the Bahamas, and the American Southwest.