What you'll do in the BS in Geology/Geology Track

As a geology major pursuing the geology track, you'll increase your understanding of Earth, layer by layer, from its core to its atmosphere.

You'll be immersed in hands-on learning within the scientific community at IUP, working directly with your professors on their research projects and going out in the field locally, regionally, and elsewhere in North America.

Laboratory work continues your hands-on learning. Facilities include the Structural Geology and Tectonics Laboratory, Marine Sediments Laboratories, Geochemistry Research Laboratory,  Paleontology Research Laboratory,  Planetary Science Laboratory, and IUP Planetarium. 

A range of courses will introduce you to the variety of subdisciplines in geology, including oceanography/marine geology, volcanology, climate change, paleontology, geophysics, and astronomy.

You'll become a well-trained, professional geologist able to compete well in the job market, and you'll have the necessary allied science and mathematics background to qualify for admission to the geology graduate program of your choice.