Earth and Space Science Education, BSEd

Students in the Earth and Space Science Education program teaching children about volcanoes CLASSROOM CREATIVITY In this major, you'll create lesson plans on Earth and Space Science topics and practice teaching the concepts in front of the class. You'll study creative ways to bring scientific information to young learners and have the chance to practice through student teaching experiences.

What You'll Do in the BSEd in Earth and Space Science Education Program

When students reach high school they begin to realize the vastness of space and the evolution of the earth. As an education major for earth and space science, you'll be equipped to respond to their questions with meaningful and thought-provoking answers that will inspire them to further inquiry.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of both the department and the requirements for preparing general science teachers, you will achieve general science certification. Your course study culminates in student teaching.

  • Acquire the foundation and skills needed to gain certification to teach secondary earth and space science education in Pennsylvania and many other states.
  • Gain practical experience in methods courses and student teaching.
  • Learn content preparation for sciences of astronomy, geology, meteorology, and oceanography in a collaborative environment.
  • Gain a philosophical background in current theories of teaching.
  • Hone your teaching skills during 15 weeks as a student teacher in the classroom.