Undergraduate Scholars Forum

AT THE UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARS FORUM, students from all majors have the opportunity to present their research. Geoscience students can use the USF as well as Geoscience Day to present the independent research project they must complete before graduation.

As a Geoscience student, you'll find these resources helpful as you plan your education, look for financial aid opportunities, and prepare for your career.

Letter of Recommendation Request

If you would like a letter of recommendation from a faculty member you will need to speak with them and fill out this form.  Each faculty member might slightly different information, however you must submit this release form.

Careers In the Geosciences

Information on careers in the Geosciences, including Web links to multiple resources

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Listing of outside scholarship opportunities for geology majors

Other IUP Resources

Here are links to other IUP resources that will be helpful to you.

Degree Checklists

This is the central location for geoscience degree evaluation checklists. 

Geoscience Club Student Tutoring

The Geoscience Club is offering tutoring for students in our introductory geoscience courses. Tutoring sessions are by appointment only.

Geoscience Departmental Scholarships and Awards

Information about and application materials for the Paul A. Prince Oceanographic Fund, Walter E. Granata Fund, and IUP Geoscience Fund

Undergraduate Research Grants

Listing of outside grant opportunities for undergraduate research.

USGS Resources

Links to specific resources at the USGS

Tentative Course Schedules

This is a table showing the tentative plan of courses over the next few academic years.

Student Organizations

Information about student organizations in the Geoscience Department