Geoscience Student Awards

Dean's Scholarship for Outstanding New Geoscience Student

Awarded annually to best new (entering or transfer) Geoscience student (any program major) as identified through academic performance during their first year in the department. Nominations will be made by faculty members, with the entire faculty selecting the recipient.

Dean's Scholarship for Early Career Geoscience Student

Awarded annually to continuing student who shows exceptional promise as a geoscientist or geoscience educator based on academic performance and service. Faculty will nominate deserving students, and the entire faculty will select the recipient.

Geoscience Travel and Research Scholarships

The department offers opportunities for small scholarships to foster and support educational and research experiences for our students. We offer scholarships from several different funds, some of which were established for students involved with a particular research emphasis, like the Paul A. Prince Oceanographic Fund or the Walter Granata Fund to support field-related experiences, while the IUP Geoscience Fund accepts applications for a broad range of scholarly activities, including travel to professional meetings, thesis research projects, etc.

Scholarships are made available from each of these funds through an application to the department Scholarship Committee. Scholarship requests for an amount less than $250 are most appropriate; however, the committee and the department faculty will determine the actual amount of the award. Larger requests will be considered only if funds are available and strong justification and financial need are demonstrated.

Students may apply for scholarship funds no more than twice per calendar year to assist in expenses related to

  1. research for Geoscience Day thesis project,
  2. professional travel to attend a geological society meeting, or
  3. special opportunity to develop geological skills or education.

In general, only students with a minimum of 60 credit hours and a GPA of 3.0 in GEOS courses will be considered. Applications will be accepted on a revolving basis, but must be made prior to incursion of expense and at least 30 days in advance of award. The department scholarship committee will make the outcome of their deliberations available to the department for approval. Allocation of the funds will be made directly through the Foundation for IUP.

Required materials:

  • Letter of Application
  • Completed Application form pdf format
  • Unofficial but current copies of your academic transcript(s) MyIUP