Certificate in Shale Gas Energy

A student wearing a hard hat, out in the field for a geology class

Broaden Your Knowledge of the Gas Industry and Your Career Options

You'll expand your options and build your credentials for future careers with the Certificate in Shale Gas Energy.

Our academic expertise in this field and the university's position in the geographic center of the shale gas industry in the Appalachian Basin are a winning combination.

With our traditional academic specialties of geographic information systems, geology, and safety sciences, you'll build a broad understanding of the industry from the perspective of geological development, geospatial data analysis, and safety and environmental regulations and compliance.

This certificate is offered through an interdepartmental effort coordinating  the Geography, Geology, Environment, and Planning Department and the Department of Safety Sciences. The program is comprised of six undergraduate courses totaling 18 credit hours. Each department offers two coursesa general overview course and an applied laboratory course, developed with the help of industry professional and specifically focused to meet the training needs of the shale gas industry.


Geoscience Courses, 6cr

  • GEOS 119 - Geology of Energy1
  • GEOS 409 - Geology of Shale Gas Field Workshop

Geography Courses, 6cr

  • GEOG 109 - Geographic Information Science and Systems for Energy Applications1
  • GEOG 409 - Spatial Analysis Applications in the Energy Sectors Workshop

Safety Science Courses, 6cr

  • SAFE 104 - Introduction to Safety in the Natural Gas Industry1
  • SAFE 204 - Principles of Safety in the Natural Gas Industry

1With departmental permission, one 100-level introductory course may be substituted by an appropriate upper-division course.