Working in a team of international scientists as a result of participation in International Ocean Discovery Project Expedition 382, "Iceberg Alley and SubAntarctic Ocean Dynamics," Jonathan Warnock helped to assess the timing of past climatic shifts in the Antarctic relative to the rest of the globe. The study shows Antarctica changing simultaneously to the global record for only the last million years.

Prior to this timeframe, however, Antarctica is out of sync with the global record. This older timeframe represents a warmer period in Earth's history and helps to predict future climate change.

Warnock's primary role was to use fossils to help develop the age model for these sediments.

The full article can be found published in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, titled "New Magnetostratigraphic Insights From Iceberg Alley on the Rhythms of Antarctic Climate During the Plio-Pleistocene."

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