Lauren Donati '21, Susie Adams '22, Lindsey Aman '20, and Jon Lewis presented a research poster during the July 12-16 Japan Geoscience Union-American Geophysical Union meeting in a session titled "New Perspectives on East Asian Geodynamics." Their poster, "Brittle-Plastic Structures Provide Constraints on the Rapid Exhumation of the Central Range: Taiwan," describes work done in recent months using samples and data collected since the project started its field campaigns in January 2018.

Late in the evening of Monday, July 13, Donati presented a lightning talk to a Zoom audience that included scientists from around the world. The format was designed to allow lead poster authors to highlight key findings that can be explored in more detail by viewing their virtual posters. Contributions to the poster include work done by Aman, (who is headed to graduate school in the fall at West Virginia University), and Adams as part of her IUP U-SOAR summer internship.

Adams and Donati are working through the summer with support from a grant to Lewis from the National Science Foundation. Plans for additional field work this summer in Taiwan were put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of no-cost extensions, Lewis is hopeful that the field work can be done in the coming year, pending breakthroughs from the world of immunology.

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