Geography, GIS/Cartography track, MS

Rachel Applebaum with her research presentation

DOUBLE OPPORTUNITIES TO PRESENT RESEARCH Rachel Applebaum '15, MS in Geography, (now a Technical Support Analyst at Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) of Redlands, CA), presented at two forums during the 2015 Research Appreciation Week. In the Women in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Forum, she earned a third-place prize. In the Graduate Scholars Form, she won the Dean's Award for Excellence.

Take the GIS/Cartography Track to Gain New Career Directions

Students in this track will gain expertise in geographic data management, map production, and geospatial analysis. Broaden your knowledge by taking courses in map and photograph interpretation, remote sensing, and field techniques in geography and planning. You'll also master the art and science of GIS, with courses in technical issues and applications development.

This program can strengthen your GIS and cartography credentials for leadership positions or help you build a new skill set to increase your professional options.

Core Program (9cr)

  • GEOG 610 - Research in Geography and Regional Planning 3 cr
  • GEOG 612 - Quantitative Techniques in Geography and Regional Planning 3 cr
  • GEOG 614 - Thought and Philosophy in Geography and Regional Planning 3 cr

GIS/Cartography Track (15cr)

Five courses from among the following:

  • GEOG 513* - Cartography 3cr
  • GEOG 514 - Map and Photograph Interpretation 3cr
  • GEOG 515 - Remote Sensing 3cr
  • GEOG 516* - Introduction to Remote Sensing 3cr
  • GEOG 517 - Technical Issues in GIS 3cr
  • GEOG 617 - Field Techniques in Geography and Planning 3cr
  • GEOG 618 - GIS Applications Development 3cr