At IUP, Russian is offered as part of the Critical Languages program, which is a self-instructional/tutorial approach to less commonly taught foreign languages.

Students meet with a tutor three hours per week. Most tutors are native speakers of the language. Professional teachers of the specific language may be brought in from other universities to evaluate student performance. The final grade is based homework, quizzes, tests, and performance during the tutorial sessions. Each course carries three credits.

If you would like further information about this class, contact the coordinator, Stuart Chandler (, 724-357-5612).

The Critical Languages fulfill the Foreign Language requirement of many majors, if taken through the Intermediate level (the fourth semester of coursework). There may be special circumstances for your particular major, so be sure to check with your major advisor before beginning a Critical Language. Not all Critical Languages are offered every semester at IUP, so you'll need to plan your schedule accordingly.