Guidelines for Contributors

  • These guidelines should be followed, and any and all corrections should be made before the final version of your work is returned to us. The final version of your work should include everything that you intend it to without exceeding the 7,000-word limit, which includes the text of your submission, accompanying notes, your Works Cited page, and your secondary bibliography, if you have included one.

    Once the galleys have been formatted, only minor corrections can be made. If, when you return your galley proofs to us, we consider the corrections that you have made to be excessive, publication of your work will necessarily be delayed. The latest version of the MLA guide to documentation should be followed.

    1. Use single spacing throughout the article including between paragraphs. (This is different from the MLA recommendations because Hispanic Journal is published in single space). However, leave an extra space before and after any indented quotations, sections, titles or subtitles, or divisions between sections.
    2. Do not use any tab settings. Do not justify the text.
    3. Do not use bold or underline; use italics instead.
    4. Use only endnotes, and use them sparingly. The endnotes that we accept cannot exceed more than 40 lines of typed text total. Do not put extra spaces between the note number and the beginning of the note. Please do not use the endnote function of Word; instead, just superscript the number and manually add the endnotes yourself.
    5. Please use the hanging indent function in your Works Cited section.
    6. Please use only page numbers as headers.
    7. Include only the sources you cited in your article in the Works Cited. If you would like to list secondary sources (optionally), include a bibliography.
    8. A subscription will be required of all authors whose work is published.
    9. Once an article is published, it becomes the property of Hispanic Journal. See Copyright Notice for further information.
    10. It is the responsibility of the author to acquire any permissions necessary to print images or other copyrighted materials. 

    It is in the best interest of the authors that Hispanic Journal be published as free of errors as possible and on time. Therefore, it will be the responsibility of the authors to follow the latest version of the MLA research style guide and these guidelines. Hispanic Journal is a nonprofit publication which does not have the personnel to correct the articles’ styles.