Congratulations to our graduating students!

The Department of Foreign Languages would like to congratulate our students who are graduating with a certificate, minor, or major in one of the languages we are offering:


Angelina Pham, Chinese

Samantha Brunke, French

Joshua Stover, French

Kamir Walton, French

Emalyn Scheg, German

Molly Butler, Spanish

Lily Carone, Spanish

Natali Duprey, Spanish

Laney Monroe, Spanish

Abby Rullo, Spanish


Morgan Heinbaugh, French

Kamir Walton, French

Caio Gomes, Spanish

Laura Hopf, Spanish


Isabelle Clayton, Spanish BA

Kendall Gomez, Spanish BA

Mirna Torres Ayala, Spanish BA

Julia Vislosky, Spanish BA + Ed Cert

All of you realized the importance of learning another language for personal growth, communicating across cultures, and career advancement. You are becoming global citizens who will leave your mark on the world.

Congratulations on your achievement!

We will miss you, but we are so excited to see you find your place beyond IUP.