Experience the power of inclusion through interactive workshops, lectures, and activities. Starting October 18, the Foreign Languages Diversity and Inclusion Series (FOLDIS) is designed to promote cultural awareness while providing unique insights into the everyday importance of embracing diversity and inclusion.

FOLDIS is an opportunity to engage with others to better understand the people in the world around us. Participants will be able to broaden their worldview, consider new perspectives in common situations, understand how their interactions with others may be perceived, and more.

Skills learned as part of the activities, lectures, and workshops are not just important for their own sake. Increasingly, employers are looking for globally-facing employees who are able and comfortable connecting with other cultures. All FOLDIS participants will be able to earn certificates of participation, which can look great on a résumé in a wide range of fields.

IUP is a multicultural community with students and employees hailing from more than 50 countries around the world. On campus and beyond, we have countless opportunities to live and work with people from diverse backgrounds and languages. Through FOLDIS, you can distill that experience into a better, broader understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.