Professor of Spanish Dawn Smith-Sherwood and co-authors recently published an article titled "Multi-Institutional Survey of Faculty Experiences Teaching Capstones" in College Teaching.

Smith-Sherwood and co-authors Olivia Anderson (University of Michigan), Caroline Boswell (University of WisconsinGreen Bay), Morgan Gresham (University of South FloridaSt. Petersburg), and Matthew Laye (College of Idaho) are members of the Elon University Center for Engaged Learning Research Seminar on Capstone Experiences and form the Faculty Experience of Capstones research team.

Due to COVID-19, this summer's third, culminating research seminar was conducted virtually. The group has been invited back to Elon for an abbreviated session in July 2021 as part of the CEL Conference on Engaged Learning, which was rescheduled from June 2020 due to pandemic.

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