French 101 Information

  • French 101 is a four-credit introductory French course.

    Since this course is designed to serve complete beginners, those students who have already taken high school French are urged to take FRNC 201. Please note that this course will not fulfill the Liberal Studies elective requirement or the language requirement.

    Attendance: A penalty will be assessed against a student’s final grade in the event of five or more unexcused absences (5–6 absences = -50 points; 7–9 absences = -100 points; more than ten absences is good for an automatic flag). Attendance will be taken at random and homework will be used to verify attendance. Be forewarned!

    The goal of this class will be to develop your skills in the four communicative areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In class, students will engage in various communicative activities in preparation for both written and oral tests. Student performance (grading) will be based on chapter exams, a cumulative midterm and a cumulative final, in-class written exercises, and graded homework.

    Unfortunately, no make-ups will be allowed and absolutely no late homework will be accepted. If you are absent from an exam or the midterm, you will sweat bullets over the super-mega-death make-up exam which is scheduled for the last week of the semester. The make-up exam will replace only one exam or the midterm. The make-up exam (as well as the final exam) is cumulative. Please also note that you will be held entirely responsible for the information that is contained in this document. Make sure you have read everything thoroughly as ignorance of the law is no excuse!

    Grading system explained

    Final grades for this course will be calculated according to these point values:

    Chapter exams: 500

    Midterm: 150

    Final Exam: 150

    Homework and exercises: 200

    Important Stuff!

    Books to buy:

    • Vis-à-vis 3rd edition, Amon, et al., McGraw Hill Publishers
    • Vis-à-vis Workbook 3rd edition, Amon et al., McGraw Hill

    Contacting the prof:

    Dr. McCreary’s office address is 435 Sutton Hall. The professor will be there Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1:15 to 2:45 p.m. The contact number is 724-357-2707.

    A better bet is to send an e-mail:

    You may also leave a message with the departmental secretary: 724-357-2325.

    Beware! No calls to the professor’s home will be accepted!