Garden HEALTHY CHOICES FOR THE COMMUNITY: Food and Nutrition students help with the Community Garden in Indiana.


Scholarships are available to food and nutrition students, and to students in the College of Health and Human Services.


An internship is unique way to earn credits, while also gaining professional experience. 

Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics

Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND) welcomes students with a passion for nutrition/dietetics and related fields.

Nutrition Connection

Nutrition Connection Services promotes healthy eating and body weight control while offering pre-professional training in nutrition counseling to junior and senior dietetics majors.

Early Admission to the Master of Science in Food and Nutrition

Eligible upper-level food and nutrition majors may take graduate courses that apply to both an IUP bachelor's and master's degree.

Poster thanking the dean for scholarships

DEPARTMENT HONORED WITH DEAN'S AWARD:  Students, faculty, and staff of the Food and Nutrition Department were honored with the 2014 Dean's Award by Dean Mark Correia for helping Indiana County fight hunger through the Neighbors Helping Neighbors project. Students, faculty, and staff of the department hold a food drive each year to help the community.