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The need for food and nutrition expertise is broad and growing

Your IUP food and nutrition degree offers far more career choices than you might expect. Alumni have flourished in labor management, psychology, sports nutrition, and public health initiatives, or they have contracted with food service firms that provide meals at schools and hospitals. Some graduates with sales experience have also prospered in the pharmaceutical industry. And nutrition has been used as a stepping-stone to careers as a physician's assistant or chiropractor.


With a BS in Food and Nutrition, you will enjoy a wide variety of career options in areas such as the fitness industry, health care, health food, research, and education. The job titles are numerous and include:

  • Chief dietitian
  • Clinical dietitian
  • Public health nutritionist
  • Consultant dietitian
  • Pediatric dietitian
  • Product representatives for pharmaceutical companies
  • Cooperative extension educators
  • Health writer
  • Chiropractor
  • Culinary health advisor
  • Food service manager

Path to Higher Degrees

Expand your job choices and increase your salary potential by completing graduate studies.

  • MS in Food and Nutrition
  • PhD in Nutrition
  • EdD in Nutrition Education