Culinary Dietetics students stir food in pots in the kitchen lab

Combine your nutrition knowledge with culinary arts skills

As a nutrition major pursing the Culinary Dietetics Track at IUP, you will integrate your nutrition knowledge with classical cuisine. With this track, you will be able to bring the culinary arts to food preparation operations in hospitals, extended care facilities, schools, and hospitality destinations. You will be able to apply for an ACEND-accredited supervised practice program.

Choose your route to success

The Culinary Dietetics Track allows students to combine academic preparation in nutrition with extensive hands-on learning experiences in culinary arts by one of two routes:

  1. Students whose SAT scores meet admission requirements for the Dietetics Track may choose to apply directly to the Culinary Dietetics Track. Students admitted will begin their freshman year in the Culinary Dietetics Track on the Indiana campus. For the duration of a student's sophomore year, they will transfer to the Academy of Culinary Arts at the Punxsutawney campus, and return to Indiana for their junior and senior years. The required culinary externship is completed during the summer between the junior and senior years.
  2. Students may choose to begin their studies with Culinary Arts. The student would apply to and enroll in the Culinary Arts program on the Punxsutawney campus for the fall, spring, and summer semesters of their freshman year. The culinary externship would be completed in the fall of their sophomore year. In the spring of their sophomore year, students begin their studies in the Nutrition Track on the Indiana campus. Nutrition Track majors are eligible to change their major to Culinary Dietetics after they have completed the admission requirements for the Dietetics Track.