Food and Nutrition Majors

Dietetic Internship Opportunities LEARNING HOW TO BE EDUCATORS:  Students in the nutrition and dietetics fields learn proven methods for teaching others about healthy choices.

A nation with a growing interest in food is hungry for nutritional experts

Your expertise allows you to contribute food and nutrition information in many fields of endeavor. Health care is the obvious choice, but sports organizations, government agencies, and corporate wellness programs also need your knowledge. Explore the possibilities in pharmaceutical sales and research, and in administrative positions with organizations such as the YMCA. If you are a budding gourmet or have a growing interest in food, you should know that the IUP culinary dietetics major is one of the few available in the United States.

Nutrition/Dietetics Track, BS

  • Prepare for abundant career choices in healthcare, food service administration, public health, nutrition research, culinary dietetics, and more.
  • Learn to translate scientific nutritional information into a language that is easy for community members to understand.
  • Complete coursework to become a registered dietitian (RD).
  • Apply for an ACEND-accredited supervised practice program.
  • Engage in dietetics-related work and volunteer events that improve your career options.

Nutrition/Nutrition Track, BS

  • Develop basic nutrition knowledge as a foundation for professional advancement.
  • Select a minor (or second major) that deepens your core knowledge and career objectives.
  • Plan a career path that includes areas such as a registered dietitian into areas such as food service administration, public health, culinary arts, journalism, communications, business, and gerontology.
  • Prepare for a master's degree in food and nutrition research.

Nutrition/Culinary Dietetics Track, BS

  • Integrate your nutrition knowledge with classical cuisine.
  • Become a manager of food service operations with a focus on nutrition.
  • Bring the culinary arts to food preparation operations in hospitals, extended care facilities, schools, and hospitality destinations.
  • Apply for an ACEND-accredited supervised practice program.

Nutrition Minor

  • Blend nutrition with your passion for another discipline, such as nursing and allied health, pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, food service management, child development, and many more.
  • Seek guidance on science prerequisites and electives that may have additional prerequisites.
  • This minor does not meet the requirements for practice as a credentialed nutritionist. It also does not fulfill the academic requirements of the Commission on Dietetic Registration for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to become a registered dietitian.