Department of Food and Nutrition Graduate Student Handbook

For information about the department, including curriculum, student opportunities, policies and procedures specific to our program, see the Department of Food and Nutrition Graduate Student Handbook.

IUP Student Handbook

For information on academic policies, affirmative action, campus regulations, the IUP judicial system, sexual harassment policy, Indiana Borough and state laws, and more, see the Source, the IUP student handbook.

Support Services Available for Graduate Students' Success

  • IUP Libraries, with 770,000 book volumes, 100,000 bound periodicals, 1.7 million items of microforms, 3,900 periodic subscriptions, 35,000 media holdings, and in excess of 24,000 volumes of government publication. IUP Libraries are accessible through an online catalog, and online searching is available.
  • IUP campus computer laboratories with the latest versions of Microsoft Office, Internet access, nutrient analysis, and statistical analysis programs
  • Applied Research Laboratory providing statistical support for graduate student research
  • Possible eligibility for financial aid and/or deferment of existing student loans. Visit the IUP Office of Financial Aid for more information.
  • Potential for a graduate assistantship to support graduate study through a partial/full tuition waiver and stipend.