Dietetics Interns in Washington D.C. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Dietetic interns network at a workshop in Washington, D.C.

What's happening for graduate students

Even though food and nutrition graduate students work online, there are many opportunities available to them on campus.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships at IUP are selectively awarded to highly qualified graduate students. New applicants and current students are encouraged to complete their application for admission, which includes a required field about graduate assistantships, by February 1.

Note: Assistantship applications are still being reviewed until April 10. See FAQ page for assistantship options.

Graduate Scholars Forum

Held each year as part of Research Week, the Graduate Scholars Forum provides graduate students with an opportunity to showcase their original scholarship.

Graduate Student Assembly

The Graduate Student Assembly is a graduate student organization established to represent IUP's graduate student body. Its purpose is to uphold the distinct rights and responsibilities of IUP graduate students by giving them a platform to address concerns on the current issues and well-being surrounding that body of students.

Sports Performance Nutrition Services

This service is staffed by graduate students. The goal is to provide athletes and coaches assistance in optimizing their performance through excellent nutritional habits.

Nutrition Connection

Nutrition Connection promotes healthy eating and body weight control while offering preprofessional training in counseling to junior and senior dietetics majors, as well as graduate students in the Dietitian-Nutritionist program. This service is supervised by a faculty members and a graduate assistant. 


Contact the Graduate Program coordinator to determine which options are best for you.

Pao Ying Hsiao, PhD, MS, RD, LDN