Dietetic Internship Schedule 2019-20

  • This program will be closing May 30, 2021, as the Department of Food and Nutrition transitions to the MS in Food and Nutrition, Dietitian-Nutritionist Program, an ACEND-accredited Future Graduate Program. Through the new two-year program, successful graduates will earn an MS in Food and Nutrition and complete the experiential learning requirements to sit for the national examination for Dietitian-Nutritionists. For more information, contact Jodie Seybold, program director, at

  • Download a diagram of the dietetic internship schedule, and see the phases, below.

    Phase I: Bridge Courses (June August)

    Interns take 9 graduate credits (three courses) over an approximate 10-week period. These courses are designed to prepare interns as they transition from undergraduate to graduate students, demonstrate competencies necessary for the dietetic internship practice components, and focus on the practice skills that will occur during the rotation experiences.

    Orientation (August)

    An itinerary is provided closer to the orientation dates.

    The College of Health and Human Services allows each department to develop their internship protocol for registration. Here you will find the Dietetic Internship Certificate Program protocol for the Department of Food and Nutrition.

    Phase II: Supervised Practice Rotations

    During the fall and spring semesters, interns participate in each of the three supervised practice experiences or rotations and participate in other activities (e.g. seminars, continuing education, and special projects) to meet established competencies.

    • Rotation 1: August 26–November 7
    • Rotation 2: November 11–February 13
    • Thanksgiving Break: November 25–29
    • Winter Break: December 23–January 3
    • Rotation 3: February 17–May 6
    • Spring Break: March 9–13

    Phase III: Capstone Activities

    Beginning May 2019, interns will complete exit interviews, discuss leadership and current issues, review information about obtaining the RD credential, and discuss obtaining a professional position. Interns will attend the Jean Inman RD Exam Review Course before verification statements are awarded.