Stephanie Taylor-Davis, PhD, RD, LDN

  • Dr. Stephanie Taylor-DavisStephanie Taylor-Davis’s educational background includes two bachelor of science degrees; one in management science and the other in recreation/fitness management, Lock Haven University; a master of science in public health nutrition from Case Western Reserve University; and a PhD in human nutrition from Pennsylvania State University. Taylor-Davis is a registered dietitian and a licensed dietitian nutritionist in Pennsylvania.

    Her awards include Graduate School and Research Institute Research Recognition Award, College of Health and Human Services recipient, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, for grant awards from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Women, Infants, and Children, and the United States Department of Agriculture (2007); Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award, American Dietetic Association Dietetic Educators of Practitioners Practice Group (2009); Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award, Pennsylvania Dietetic Association (2009); and Outstanding Teacher Award for Teaching Excellence, College of Health and Human Services, IUP (2002–03).

  • Taylor-Davis’s research interests include nutrition education, nutrition intervention, public health nutrition, school-based and community nutrition with a focus on promoting fruit and vegetable consumption, food and culture, and technology-based/distance education.

    Within the department, Taylor-Davis teaches undergraduate Introduction to Nutrition, Lifecycle Nutrition, and Methods of Teaching Food and Nutrition. On the graduate level, she teaches Nutrition Education for Dietetic Professionals: Teaching Pedagogy, and Designing Effective Food and Nutrition Research Projects as one of the required graduate courses.