Jodie Seybold, MS, RD, LDN

  • Mrs. Jodie Seybold, MS, RDN, LDNInstructor and Dietetic Internship Director

    Office: Ackerman Hall, Room 104

    Office Phone: 724.357.1395

    Email Address:


    Degrees/ Schools

    Bachelor of Science in Nutrition/ Dietetics, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    Master of Science in Food and Nutrition, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    Areas of Interest

    My areas of interest include community nutrition, nutrition for under-served populations, food science and food service, sustainability in food, and water systems. My research interests include community nutrition education and interventions, recipe modification, sustainability, healthcare practitioner relationships with both patients and students, perceptions in supervised practice field work, and skills enhancement among dietetic students. 

    Biography/ Professional Experience

    I have professional experience in community nutrition developmental and specific programs, food service and management, and didactic and experimental course instruction and design. 

    Courses Taught

    • FDNT 110 Careers in Food and Nutrition
    • FDNT 143 Current Issues in Nutrition and Wellness
    • FDNT 145 Introduction to Nutrition
    • FDNT 151 Foods Laboratory
    • FDNT 362 Experimental Foods
    • FDNT 402 Community Nutrition
    • FDNT 415/515 Sustainable Nutrition
    • FDNT 470 Human Food Consumptive Patterns
    • FDNT 484 Senior Seminar
    • FDNT 493 Internship
    • FDNT 612 Administrative of Food Service and Systems
    • FDNT 625 Community Nutrition and Policy
    • FDNT 653 Leadership for the Nutrition Professional
    • FDNT 696 Dietetic Internship