Miguel Solis, culinary nutrition specialist for the Cleveland Indians, graduated from IUP with a Master of Science degree in Food and Nutrition.

Have you ever wondered what else you could do with a degree in Food and Nutrition? Miguel Solis has found a natural connection to his training at IUP by combining his culinary expertise with the worlds of food, nutrition, and related services.

Solis sought out IUP's Food and Nutrition program so that he could diversify himself among other chefs in the culinary world. As a culinary nutrition specialist for the Cleveland Indians since 2014, Solis is responsible for cooking for the players before every practice and every game. He carefully follows the nutritional guidelines for every player depending on their daily energy expenditure they will perform as an athlete. Solis develops a menu for the players that not only tastes great, but also is packed with nutritional value.

Take a peek into his everyday work life as Solis walks you through the kitchen of the Cleveland Indians. (formal interview published by TheCareerZoo.com)

Summary written by Marie Webb, graduate assistant
Edited by Sherita Jamison, graduate assistant