Staples Advantage

The Pennsylvania State System has chosen Staples Advantage, the commercial division of Staples, as the System's preferred office supplies vendor. Staples Advantage was selected through a competitive bid process as the supplier that meets the State System's business requirements and pricing targets.

The Staples Advantage program is a Web-based system that will provide online ordering services. Under this system, you can order your office supplies directly from Staples Advantage using its online catalog. All orders placed through the Staples Advantage program will receive 10 percent off the listed price. Your discount and new total will appear once you place your order. Total after discount cannot exceed $1,000.00. Delivery of your order to your office normally occurs the next day. Delivery charges will be assessed on all orders less than $35, after the 10 percent discount.

This service is accessible through Staples' commercial website, but not through their retail website. Payment will be through a prearranged process with the IUP Accounts Payable department. Therefore, you will not need to use your Purchasing Card. This service should make obtaining your office supplies easier and more economical.

To take advantage of this service, please complete the Login Request form below and return the request via campus mail to: Chris Patterson, B18 Clark Hall. Once your online user ID and temporary password are established, we will contact you with that information and further instructions on how to access and use the system.