How Drops and Withdrawals Affect Your Financial Aid Eligibility

  • Since the effect of dropping a course or withdrawing from a semester is very student- and date-specific, be sure to contact the Financial Aid Office and the Bursar’s Office to determine how this will affect your current financial aid and charges.

    Payment of Pell Grants to Students’ Accounts

    Pell Grant amounts are based on the student’s enrollment status (i.e. full-, half-, or three-quarter-time) on the 15th day of each semester. If you originally registered as a full-time student, but then complete an individual course withdrawal from a course(s) and are part-time on the 15th day of the semester, the Pell Grant amount will be based on the enrollment status on the 15th day, regardless of whether or not you’re being charged full-time on your student account.

    Undergraduate Federal Direct Loan

    The maximum Federal Direct Loan amount you may borrow is based, in part, on the number of credits you have completed at the time the loan is awarded.

    Year Dependent Undergraduate Independent Undergraduate and Dependent Undergraduate with Parent PLUS denial)
    First Year
    (0-29.9 credits)
    $5,500 (no more than $3,500 subsidized) $9,500 (no more than $3,500 subsidized)
    Second Year
    (30–59.9 credits)
    $6,500 (no more than $4,500 subsidized) $10,500 (no more than $4,500 subsidized)
    Third Year and up
    (60 credits or more)
    $7,500 (no more than $5,500 subsidized) $12,500 (no more than $5,500 subsidized)Bottom of Form

    Effect of Repeating Courses

    Courses for which you receive a passing grade can only be repeated one additional time to be considered part of your enrollment for that semester. If you’re enrolled in a semester and your schedule includes a course that was previously passed two times, that course will not be counted toward enrollment for financial aid purposes for that semester, and aid may be adjusted accordingly.