Facilities Management Department Preparations for Fall 2020

Posted on 7/15/20 7:56 PM

The IUP Facilities Management Department, in cooperation with Procurement Services, Central Stores, and other university partners, is dedicated to providing a clean and safe environment for IUP faculty, staff, and students through implementation of targeted high-touch-area cleaning techniques and adoption of industry best practice processes and equipment. The departments are working to mitigate coronavirus risk through continuous improvement of facility sanitation, efforts to enable social distancing, and maximization of indoor air quality.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

IUP Facilities Maintenance and Engineering and Construction groups are diligently working towards maximizing and improving indoor air quality in all university buildings. The departments continue setting goals and developing plans to strategically mitigate and decrease any potential exposure to the IUP community. All building HVAC systems met current design and building code requirements at the time of building commissioning. Continued preventative maintenance efforts ensures systems are operating at their maximum potential.


  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Maximize ventilation
  • Lower/reduce the potential for spread of infectious microorganism transmission
  • Maintain (where applicable) ASHRAE standards

Strategies to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Fall 2020

  • Facilitating design and implementation of a "negative air" exam room at the IUP Health Center
  • Targeted installation of in-room combination UV lights with HEPA filters
  • Targeted installation of ventilation ductwork UV lights
  • Plan for operating IUP ventilation systems in "occupied mode" 24/7 to create continuous air exchange
  • Where possible, increase percentage of outdoor air during moderate weather
  • All ventilation units set to ASHRE standards for maximum air flow
  • Continuing preventative maintenance (PM), including installation of all-new ventilation unit air handler filters with appropriate MERV ratings, as specified by manufacturer

Improving Facility Cleanliness and Sanitization

  • Planned use of recently sourced electrostatic fogger/sprayers for efficient sanitization of indoor spaces
  • Planned use of recently sourced robotic floor cleaning equipment for consistent round-the-clock cleaning activity
  • Transition to newly sourced CDC-approved Ecolab antiviral cleaning products certified for 45-second effectiveness after application
  • Updated cleaning procedures and staff training to prioritize sanitization of high-touch areas over standard cleaning procedures

Efforts to Enable Social Distancing

  • Ongoing installation of recently sourced plexiglass barrier/shields
  • Installation of recently sourced no-touch water bottle filling stations
  • Printing and placement of social distancing signage throughout campus
  • Research and participation in implementation of classroom layouts for social distancing
  • Ongoing installation of recently sourced OWL HD classroom cameras

Additional Products Sourced to Provide a Safe Environment

  • Temperature kiosks
  • Temperature handheld units
  • A wide range of medical PPE
  • Hand sanitizer of various sizes, both liquid and gel
  • Return-to-campus "Kits" including: Student, Employee, Classroom, Departmental, Remote Employee, and
  • Computer Lab
  • CDC-approved disinfecting wipes and cleaners