Is Online Learning Right For You?

Will I do well in online courses?

You may already have skills that will serve you well in learning online. But if you have not taken an online course before, it is a good idea to make sure you have the skills you need.

So please take a short, anonymous self-assessment quiz to see if distance learning is right for you. After you take the quiz,

  • Read the explanations carefully
  • If there are skills you need to work on, follow the links to find ways to develop them
  • Check out the tips at Get Ready for Online Success

You will need some basic computer skills in your online courses:

  • Use a mouse (double-click, block, drag, and drop) or keyboard or similar device to manipulate online content
  • Use a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
  • Send, receive, and reply to e-mail
  • Navigate the Internet
  • Download and install plug-ins and required software

State Authorization

In order to protect students, U.S. states and territories regulate distance education. IUP is seeking authorization to offer online courses in all 50 states and territories. For more information, go to State Authorization.