University Proctored Exam Information


If a professor requires an exam to be taken in person and the student lives more than fifty miles from main campus, the student may be required to arrange for someone to proctor the exam. It is the student's responsibility to recommend someone who fits the criteria below and provide the contact information to the professor. It is also the student's responsibility to pay the proctor's fee, if any.

Required Form

See the Test Proctoring Proposal Form. Students must submit thissigned form to the professor two weeksbefore thetesting date.

Appropriate Exam Proctor

Anappropriate exam proctor would be one of the following:

  • Astaff member of a testing office at a local school, college, or university
  • Ateacher/professor of a local school, college, or university
  • An administrator of a local school, college, or university
  • Asupervisor at an internship site, job, or military base
  • Alibrarian at a school or public library
  • Human resources staff member where employed
  • National College Testing Association
  • Professional learning center, such as Sylvan.

Proctor's Duties

To supervise an exam as a proctor, the person must be willing to execute the following duties:

  1. Communicate with professor with regard to all details of the exam (time allotment, materials allowed to be used during examination, etc.)
  2. Verify student's identity with government-issued picture ID
  3. Provide a quiet area and tabletop for student to take the exam
  4. Monitor student at all times while he/she is taking the exam (notebooks, purses, cell phones, etc. are not taken into the test room)
  5. Return the completed examination to the professor. Sign across the seal of the envelope so that the student can mail it.