Get Ready For Class!

  • A few weeks before classes, start making preparations to learn!  

    Here are some tips:

    1. Set up the MyIUP portal.
    2. Set up your IUP e-mail account and check it daily.
      • IUP e-mail is the university’s official means of communication. Bills and official announcements will be sent there. If you use another e-mail, your professors will not be sure of your identify.
      • Your registration confirmation will include instructions to access your IUP e-mail. 
      • You will use MyIUP to manage passwords, see registration information and final grades, and much more.
    3. Get the minimum hardware and software for your course.
      • Hardware and software recommendations are provided in the Computing Guidelines for Online Learning.
        • IUP provides a library of academic software for home use for students enrolled in credit courses, such as Office 365, anti-malware software, and more. Go to IUP Software page and click the links in the left-hand menu.
        • Obtain an office productivity suite. MS Office is recommended.
        • Obtain any specialized software or hardware listed in your course description.
    4. Order your textbooks from the IUP Co-op Store.
      • Log into MyIUP, choose the Academics tab, and Order My Textbooks.
      • Or call the store at 724-357-3067 and speak with Carol Guba.

    5. Familiarize yourself with the Learning Management System (LMS) used in your course.
      • Most instructors use D2L or Moodle, but you may also encounter publisher packs, MyMathLab, and other systems. 
      • If you do not know what LMS will be used, contact your instructor. Your instructor is listed in the course schedule.
      • If your course is not open by the first day of classes, call the department offering the course.
      • Get started with D2L 
      • Get started with Moodle
    6. Make arrangements for proctored exams, if your course requires them.
    7. If you need technical or other assistance, see Technical Support or Help and Resources.