Intermediate Microsoft Access: Course Outline

  • 1: Designing a Relational Database

    • Topic A: Relational Database Design
    • Topic B: Create a Table
    • Topic C: Create Table Relationships

    2: Joining Tables

    • Topic A: Create Query Joins
    • Topic B: Relate Data Within a Table
    • Topic C: Work with Subdatasheets

    3: Using Data Validation

    • Topic A: Use Field Validation
    • Topic B: Use Form and Record Validation

    4: Creating Advanced Queries

    • Topic A: Create Parameter Queries
    • Topic B: Summarize Data
    • Topic C: Create Subqueries
    • Topic D: Create Action Queries
    • Topic E: Create Unmatched and Duplicate Queries

    5: Organizing a Database for Efficiency

    • Topic A: Data Normalization
    • Topic B: Create a Junction Table
    • Topic C: Improve Table Structure

    6: Using Advanced Reporting Techniques

    • Topic A: Include Control Formatting in a Report
    • Topic B: Add a Calculated Field to a Report
    • Topic C: Add a Subreport to an Existing Report