Critical Facilitation Skills for Leaders

  • 1: The Importance of Facilitation

    • Being an Effective Facilitator
    • Harnessing Knowledge, Experience, and Diversity
    • Encouraging Group Motivation and Commitment
    • Observing the Team Process

    2: Facilitating Process and Content

    • Identifying Process and Content Elements
    • Managing the Flow
    • Resolving Tensions and Disagreement

    3: Setting the Stage for Facilitation

    • Laying the Groundwork
    • Educating Participants, and Securing Support
    • Selecting the Right Facilitator
    • Planning for a Facilitated Meeting

    4: Facilitating Team Development

    • Encouraging Participation
    • Recognizing Stages in the Team Life Cycle
    • Supporting the Team through the Stages

    5: Building Consensus and Reaching Decisions

    • Gathering and Presenting Data
    • Synthesizing and Summarizing
    • Identifying Options and Brainstorming
    • Facilitating SWOT Analysis
    • Creating a Short List
    • Using the Multi-Option Technique

    6: Disruptions, Dysfunctions and Interventions

    • Handling Disruptions and Difficult Behavior
    • Addressing Dysfunction
    • Agreeing on Ground Rules
    • Restating and Reframing
    • Selecting a Method of Intervention
    • Getting Back on Track