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Register Now for Introduction to Grant Writing

In this three-hour, noncredit class, you will learn the skills needed to prepare for the grant writing experience. This session will include how to identify and understand appropriate grant funding opportunities, and the basic structure of a grant proposal.

Posted on 3/12/2018 1:22:54 PM

Earn Your CAPM Certification for Project Management

Learn how to earn your Certified Associate in Project Management certification through this noncredit course and World Education.

Posted on 3/9/2018 9:15:53 AM

Learn to Create Stunning Digital Photography

You can learn how to create stunning digital photography with this one-month, noncredit course, in partnership with World Education.

Posted on 2/28/2018 11:26:15 AM

Improve Your Skills in Logistics, Supply Chain, and Purchasing Management

Advance your skills in logistics, supply chain, and purchasing management with this noncredit course.

Posted on 2/20/2018 10:54:42 AM

Learn How to Manage In Modern Organizations

Learn how to manage in the modern organization with this noncredit course in partnership with World Education.

Posted on 2/9/2018 9:50:25 AM

Register Now for Pottery and Ceramics

Register now for the noncredit pottery and ceramics course at IUP.

Posted on 1/26/2018 10:01:00 AM

Learn How to Optimize Your Blog with WordPress

Learn to optimize your blog with a noncredit course from IUP and World Education. The eight-hour course, “WordPress.com Essentials,” will demonstrate the features, settings, and formatting options within the WordPress platform.

Posted on 1/18/2018 10:18:59 AM

How to Use Social Media Widgets Effectively

Learn how to connect social media sites with blogs and websites with the course “Social Media Widgets Essentials.”

Posted on 1/10/2018 8:43:26 AM

Learn How to Use Statistics More Effectively

Learn to use statistics more effectively through the Office of Extended Studies and partner World Education.

Posted on 1/8/2018 10:12:31 AM

Course Helps New Managers Deal with Performance Challenges

Learn how new managers deal with performance challenges through this non-credit course with partner World Education.

Posted on 12/13/2017 12:03:07 PM

Meet Your Training Goals with WEDnetPA Funding

Apply for WEDnetPA funding for reimbursement for eligible training for qualifying companies.

Posted on 12/6/2017 12:18:06 PM

Great Decisions Foreign Policy Lecture Series

Register today for the Great Decisions Foreign Policy Lecture Series, part of the nation’s largest discussion program on world affairs.

Posted on 11/7/2017 10:50:08 AM

Building Effective Teams in the Workplace

Explore effective teamwork with this noncredit course through the Office of Extended Studies and World Education.

Posted on 10/30/2017 1:46:34 PM

Gain the Skills You Need to Become an Effective Leader

Take our “Introduction to Leadership” noncredit course through the Office of Extended Studies in partnership with World Education.

Posted on 10/17/2017 10:17:02 AM

Feel the Need to LEED?

Explore the LEED Green Associate Exam preparatory noncredit course through World Education and the IUP Office of Extended Studies.

Posted on 10/4/2017 1:19:00 PM

How New Managers Deal with Challenges

The Manager’s Toolbox is a suite of courses specifically designed for the new manager. Learn to deal with challenges as a new manager with this noncredit course.

Posted on 9/27/2017 9:56:41 AM

Start Your Career in Medical Transcription

Begin a career in medical transcription today through the Office of Extended Studies, in partnership with CareerStep.

Posted on 9/14/2017 1:18:40 PM

How New Managers Can Learn to Handle Conflict

The IUP Office of Extended Studies, in partnership with World Education, is offering the one-month “Handling Conflict” course for adults seeking to improve their management and leadership skills.

Posted on 8/24/2017 1:26:52 PM

Start Your Career as an Ophthalmic Assistant

The IUP Office of Extended Studies, in partnership with World Education, is offering a 270-hour, noncredit certificate program for adults seeking to prepare for or enhance their skills as an ophthalmic assistant.

Posted on 8/16/2017 2:06:30 PM

Cyber Security Threats and What You Can Do

Learn how to manage cyber security threats with the four-hour, noncredit Certificate in Cybersecurity course.

Posted on 7/17/2017 11:32:04 AM

Learn How to Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Learn the customer service skills you need to grow your business.

Posted on 7/7/2017 7:44:05 AM

Cyber Security Seminar a Success

The Cyber Security Seminar, held on June 23, 2017, was a great success, with 174 people attending the half-day event. It was co-hosted by the IUP Office of Extended Studies, S&T Bank, and Infragard.

Posted on 6/29/2017 10:36:24 AM

There’s Still Time to Register: IUP Cyber Security Seminar

Learn about current and upcoming cyber threats by attending “Securing Our Region: A Cyber Security Seminar.” This special event will take place on June 23, 2017, at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Posted on 6/13/2017 1:13:34 PM

Improve Your Negotiating Skills

The IUP Office of Extended Studies, in partnership with World Education, is offering this short course for adults seeking to improve their negotiation skills in the workplace.

Posted on 5/31/2017 1:45:04 PM

Best Practices for Equal Employment Opportunity

Learn about major employment laws with best practices for equal employment.

Posted on 5/24/2017 1:18:53 PM

Learn How to Maximize Your Digital Protection

Learn how you can best protect your computer systems at home and at work. Register today for our noncredit, online, self-paced course, Cyber Security Awareness and Protection.

Posted on 5/17/2017 11:28:17 AM

Registration Open for Cybersecurity Seminar

Since our 2016 seminar, cybersecurity has become an even more critical issue for businesses, schools and universities, government, and individuals. Registration is now open for our second annual Cybersecurity Seminar on Friday, June 23, 2017, at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex.

Posted on 5/15/2017 11:13:08 AM

Learn How to Manage Customers with Salesforce

Our interactive, noncredit, online course on Salesforce gives you the skills to be more efficient in day-to-day use of the software and to increase your customer base by offering personalized marketing, sales, communication, and customer support.

Posted on 5/10/2017 8:20:20 AM

Learn How to Become a Successful Pharmacy Technician

IUP is offering an online, noncredit certificate program that prepares you to sit for national certification as a pharmacy technician immediately upon graduation. This program can be completed in three months.

Posted on 5/8/2017 9:11:00 AM

Start Planning for Retirement Today

The noncredit course Retirement Planning Today will begin May 11 (Thursday sessions) or May 16 (Tuesday sessions). Learn to manage investment risks, take advantage of new tax laws, make informed decisions about your company’s retirement plans, and more. Sign up online.

Posted on 5/3/2017 1:44:21 PM

Increase Your Marketing Skills in the Nonprofit Sector

In partnership with World Education, IUP offers an online, noncredit course on marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations.

Posted on 4/19/2017 1:22:22 PM

Improved Time Management Skills Can Make You a Better Manager

Learn time-management skills to become a successful manager. Our online, noncredit course on Time Management will teach you to be more effective at scheduling, delegating, and employing technology to manage time.

Posted on 4/17/2017 11:31:38 AM

Become a Successful First-Time Manager

First-time managers have many new skills to learn and greater responsibilities to shoulder. Our noncredit, online course, Becoming a First Time Manager, will help you reach your goals as a new manager.

Posted on 4/6/2017 1:23:32 PM

Extended Studies has Another Successful Year

The IUP Office of Extended Studies is pleased to release its annual report for 2016–17.

Posted on 3/29/2017 1:18:22 PM

Boost Your IT Skills with Java Programming

This online, noncredit, Java Programming Specialist program trains skilled developers who can not only create websites and accompanying mobile applications, but also take into account the client’s needs and vision along with the target market.

Posted on 3/24/2017 1:06:29 PM

How to Read a Nonprofit Financial Statement

Financial statements for nonprofit organizations differ from for-profit reporting. Learn how to interpret the major financial accounting statements that nonprofit organizations use in the noncredit, fully online course “How to Read a Nonprofit Financial Statement” for only $99.

Posted on 3/20/2017 10:53:30 AM

How to Increase Sales with Mobile-Based Marketing

Our Mobile and Location-Based Marketing noncredit course will teach you about local review sites on the web and help you plan a mobile solution for your website, focusing on best practices, user experience, business priorities, and optimization. Offered by IUP in partnership with World Education, this course is self-paced and 100 percent online.

Posted on 3/9/2017 12:56:02 PM

IUP Summer 2017

IUP summer 2017 courses help you get ahead. Explore a new degree, pick up a prerequisite, or make up a course at our reasonable price. IUP is offering 829 sections of 434 different courses in 67 disciplines, with nearly 300 sections online.

Posted on 3/3/2017 1:27:40 PM

Explore Your Creativity with Fiction Writing Workshop

Register today for a fiction writing workshop covering basic and intermediate fiction-writing techniques, including characterization, plot design, and voice.

Posted on 2/27/2017 8:33:56 AM

Why is Cloud Computing Security Important?

The Cloud Computing Security Knowledge class provides thorough coverage of cloud security fundamentals and prepares you to take the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK certification exam. This is a noncredit, 100-percent online course.

Posted on 2/22/2017 1:54:20 PM

Register for Decorated Surfaces on Wheel-Thrown and Hand-Built Pottery

This course is designed for students who are interested in increasing the visual imagery in their work. Students will learn quick methods for making pottery with focus on creating richly decorated surfaces.

Posted on 2/20/2017 1:27:34 PM

Learn How to Make Decisions with Finance and Accounting Tools

Advance your work and your career with decisions based on data from finance and accounting tools. Gain the skills you need in just one month with our noncredit course in Financial Planning and Control.

Posted on 2/15/2017 1:28:15 PM

Improve Your Word Processing Skills

Register for this online, noncredit, video-based course on Microsoft Word, intended both for people who need basic word processing skills and for those who want to enhance their current skills.

Posted on 2/7/2017 11:30:03 AM

Manage Your Organization Better with QuickBooks Pro

Learn how to use QuickBooks Pro to track revenue and expenses quickly.

Posted on 2/1/2017 1:21:14 PM

How to Grow a Nonprofit Board and Increase Volunteerism

Learn to develop these key personnel in this online, self-paced, noncredit course offered by IUP in partnership with World Education.

Posted on 1/25/2017 1:38:38 PM

Learn How to Develop the Next Great App for Mobile Devices

Have you ever dreamed of developing the next big app for mobile devices? In partnership with World Education, IUP is offering an online, noncredit certificate in Mobile Application Design and Development to help you start this exciting career.

Posted on 1/18/2017 1:24:30 PM

Learn How to Make Data-Driven Decisions in 2017

In partnership with World Education, IUP is offering an online, noncredit certificate in Data Analytics. It begins with an introduction to Big Data and its implications, and it provides hands-on case studies that bring the concepts to life.

Posted on 1/17/2017 1:16:30 PM

Become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

In partnership with World Education, IUP is offering an online, noncredit program to start a career as a certified alcohol and drug counselor. Upon successful completion of our Drug and Alcohol Counseling courses, students may be prepared to sit for licensing and credentialing exams.

Posted on 12/14/2016 1:14:13 PM

Associate of Arts in General Studies Can Help Students Complete Degree

Recent revisions to the Associate of Arts degree in General Studies will make it easier than ever to use college credits toward a degree, starting in spring 2017.

Posted on 12/8/2016 8:43:09 AM

Register Now for 2017 Great Decisions Foreign Policy Lecture Series

The Office of Extended Studies announces the start of the Great Decisions Foreign Policy Lecture Series. The series runs from February 7 through April 4, 2017 at St. Andrew’s Village.

Posted on 12/7/2016 10:15:23 AM

Start Your Career as a Real Estate Professional

In partnership with World Education, IUP offersan online, noncredit program with a practice-oriented approach to real estatetransactions.

Posted on 12/1/2016 11:02:22 AM

Are You Ready for Winter? Sign Up Now for a Great Course

There's still time to register for our popular three-week winter courses.

Posted on 11/30/2016 10:53:12 AM

Start Your Career as a Phlebotomy Technician

Let Indiana University of Pennsylvania help you start your career as a phlebotomy technician. In partnership with World Education, we offer an online, noncredit, self-paced program that will teach you how to collect blood specimens from patients for laboratory analysis.

Posted on 11/16/2016 1:25:14 PM

Pick Up the Course You Need in Just Three Weeks

Spread the word: Winter registration at IUP is still open. Students can finish a whole course in just three weeks between fall and spring semesters. And they have a great choice of 130 online courses in 41 subjects.

Posted on 11/10/2016 1:14:52 PM

Make an Impression—with Strong Interpersonal Communication

In partnership with World Education, IUP is offeringBetter Interpersonal Communication—a noncredit, self-paced, online coursedesigned to improve your skills by using key concepts of interpersonalcommunications.

Posted on 11/7/2016 1:26:29 PM

Pick Up the Course You Need in Only Three Weeks

Spread the word: Winter registration is open! Students can finish a whole course in just three weeks between fall and spring semesters.

Posted on 11/2/2016 10:27:04 AM

Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies Can Help Students Complete a Degree

Revisions to the Associate of Arts Degree in GeneralStudies, recently approved by Senate, will make it easier than ever to usecollege credits toward a degree starting in spring 2017.

Posted on 10/28/2016 12:01:35 PM

You Can Reach More Audiences by Using YouTube

YouTube Essentials is a noncredit, self-paced, 100-percent online coursethat will demonstrate how to drive more traffic to your websites and socialmedia accounts, and also generate more sales and leads from YouTube videos.

Posted on 10/26/2016 10:04:18 AM

Make Organization More Visible On the Web

Wouldyou like your site to appear higher in search results? Then this program is foryou. OurSearch Engine Optimization Certificate will enable you to set up, monitor, andmaintain a successful SEO campaign. You can complete this noncredit, 100 percent online,self-paced certificate in six months or less.

Posted on 10/19/2016 11:02:49 AM

Gain the Skills You Need to Become a Leader

To move ahead in your career, you know you will need leadership skills, but what are the keys to successful leadership? Find out in four months or less in our noncredit, 100 percent online, self-paced Certificate in Leadership.

Posted on 10/12/2016 10:22:57 AM

Learn How You Can Care for Someone with Alzheimer's Disease

Are you taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s disease? Then you know what a challenge it can be.  Our noncredit, online, self-paced course “Alzheimer’s Caregivers Guide” provides information and suggestions for those who are caring for a person with this disease.

Posted on 10/5/2016 1:15:14 PM

Learn to Tweet with Twitter

In “Twitter Essentials,” a noncredit, online course, you will learn the elements of a Tweet, Twitter features and settings, and how to increase the number people you reach, plus Twitter integration, automation, promotion, and analytics techniques. Register today!

Posted on 9/29/2016 1:17:28 PM

WEDnetPA Job Training Program Moves to Office of Extended Studies

WEDnetPA helps employers provide training fortheir employees—essential skills training (such asbusiness operations, teamwork, and manufacturing fundamentals), and advancedtechnology (such as computer programming, network administration, and advanced manufacturingtechnology, and more).

Posted on 9/21/2016 11:04:33 AM

How to Raise More Funds for Your Nonprofit

Doyou volunteer for a nonprofit organization? Or are you planning to work for a nonprofit in the future? “Fundraising in a Nonprofit Organization” is the course foryou!

Posted on 9/14/2016 10:22:21 AM

Register Now for Decorated Surfaces on Wheel Thrown and Hand Built Pottery

The Office of Extended Studies is offering this noncredit pottery course for students who are interested in increasing the visual imagery in their work.

Posted on 9/8/2016 2:42:05 PM

Research, Write, You’re on Your Way to Grants

You can benefit from our non-credit, 100-percent online,self-paced course “Introduction to Research and Grant Writing.”

Posted on 9/7/2016 10:39:43 AM

Want To Do More Than Just Play Video Games?

Consider getting a non-credit certification in video game design. Learn game design, programming skills, storytelling, scripting, character development, animation, and more.

Posted on 8/31/2016 10:04:40 AM

Gain the Skills You Need to Start Your Own Business

Looking to start a business on your own? This online certificate program introduces you to key issues in entrepreneurship.

Posted on 8/22/2016 11:27:45 AM

Boost Your Skills with a Computer Technician Certificate

Gain the skills to start your new career as a CompTIA A+ certified computer technician in the rapidly growing technology field. Exam vouchers are included in this program. One-on-one instructor support will provide the help you need to succeed.

Posted on 8/17/2016 11:31:05 AM

Enter the Growing Healthcare Field as a Pharmacy Technician

The Office of Extended Studies offers the comprehensive Pharmacy Technician (CPhT exam) course to prepare you for the Pharmacy Technician Certification board exam and get you ready to enter a growing field.

Posted on 8/8/2016 12:43:30 PM

First Cybersecurity Seminar a Resounding Success

The cybersecurity forum “Securing Our Region” was hosted by the IUP Office of Extended Studies, S&T Bank, and Infragard on July 28, 2016. It was attended by 175 participants, and registrants hailed from more than 100 organizations across western Pennsylvania.

Posted on 8/4/2016 1:44:27 PM

Strengthen and Increase Your Nonprofit Management Skills

This online, noncredit certificate program will introduce you to key current management issues for nonprofit organizations. Topics include fundraising, board and volunteer development, budgeting, and marketing.

Posted on 7/29/2016 2:12:52 PM

Are You Considering a Career in Healthcare?

Our Clinical Medical Technician program will prepare you to sit for the NationalHealthcareer Association and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant national certification examinations.

Posted on 7/21/2016 2:35:29 PM

Project Management Skills Make You Marketable

Our 100 percent online course “Project Management Skills for Non-ProjectManagers” will teach non-specialists, from managers to staff members, how to leadthe stages of planning, executing, and completing a project. Register today.

Posted on 7/14/2016 11:53:57 AM

Beat Hackers at Their Own Game

Take a course that will immerse you in the hacker mindset so you can defend against attacks. In the online, noncredit course “Certified Ethical Hacker,” you will scan, test, hack, and secure your own systems. This course provides training that every information security professional needs.

Posted on 7/8/2016 2:43:30 PM

Start a New Career in the Industrial Trades

Gain the skills you need for industrial operations in non-credit, 100 percentonline training.

Posted on 6/17/2016 9:41:51 AM

Gain Project Management Skills for Information Technology

Sharpen your project management skills with a noncredit, 100 percent online, self-paced course specifically designed for information technology. Learn project management concepts, methodologies, and tools and how to apply them to IT projects.

Posted on 6/15/2016 2:13:21 PM

Extended Studies to Host Cyber Security Seminar

“Securing Our Region: A Cyber Security Seminar,” offered by the IUP Office of Extended Studies, S&T Bank, and InfraGard PGH, will present an overview of the cyber threat, social engineering and its impacts, business e-mail compromise, and ransomware. This event is open to the public, but preregistration is required.

Posted on 6/9/2016 12:37:19 PM

Start Preparing for Retirement

Are you on the right track for retirement? How do you make yourmoney last? IUP will help you answer these questions and more in thenoncredit class “Rejuvenate Your Retirement – Greensburg” at the GreensburgGarden and Civic Center in June.

Posted on 6/2/2016 12:43:20 PM

Blend Technology and Healthcare in a Dynamite Career

Information technicians and computer technicians are highly sought after in healthcare. In less than a year, you can prepare for certifications in one of these fields and start a new career. Learn how!

Posted on 5/31/2016 12:01:00 PM

Engage Your Audiences by Becoming a Social Media Pro

Take your social media skills to the next level in our 100 percentonline, self-paced SocialMedia Professional Program. This program will give you the skills you need to preparesocial media strategies, plans, guidelines, and policies for any sizeorganization.

Posted on 5/20/2016 12:11:43 PM

Get In, Get Out, Get Working!

Start online training in healthcare and be career-ready in ayear or less. Choose from Professional Medical Coding and Billing ICD-10,Computer Technician, Professional Medical Coding and Billing with PCS andmore.

Posted on 5/17/2016 12:37:34 PM

Choose the IT Certification That is Right for You

The world of IT is constantly changing; now is the time toadvance your skills. All programs are self-paced and 100 percent online.

Posted on 5/10/2016 10:28:22 AM

Register Now for QuickBooks Training

Improve your skills in QuickBooks 2016 by participating in hands-on training offered by the Office of Extended Studies and the Small Business Development Center. We offer both a beginning basics course as well as an intermediate course for the more advanced user.

Posted on 4/29/2016 1:31:20 PM

Noncredit Communication Skills Class Offered Online

Employers often listcommunication skills among the top job skills they are seeking. Explore the noncredit, 100 percent online coursesIUP offers in Communication Skills for Selling, Communication Essentials,Communication Perceptions, One-on-One Communications, and more.

Posted on 4/26/2016 3:19:30 PM

Student Worker Needed in IUP Office of Extended Studies

There is an opening for an office assistant in the Office of Extended Studies. The student must be eligible for federal work study and be at least a sophomore in good academic standing at IUP.

Posted on 4/15/2016 9:47:02 AM

Do You Need to Improve Your Skills in Excel?

Whether you are a beginner or need a refresher, Extended Studies has an Excel course for you in our IT and Software Development category. Allcourses are 100 percent online, self-paced, noncreditcourses for professionals.

Posted on 4/5/2016 11:57:00 AM

Learn Social Media Skills through Noncredit Online Courses

Explore Facebook,GooglePlus, LinkedIn,socialmedia marketing, and more in 100 percent online, self-paced, noncredit courses forprofessionals. Learn about social mediaand gain valuable new skills that will make you better at using social media.

Posted on 3/31/2016 11:39:57 AM

Registration for Summer Sessions Now Open

Looking to take a course over summer break? Get ahead by enrolling in one of IUP’s three summer sessions. We offer a variety of online and in-classroom credit courses to IUP and non-IUP students.

Posted on 3/24/2016 10:12:02 AM

Extended Studies Releases Annual Report

The Office of Extended Studies has completed its first-ever annual report. Here are some of the significant accomplishments.

Posted on 3/16/2016 1:02:36 PM

Special Pricing to Alumni for Online, Noncredit, Self-Paced Training

Through the Office of Extended Studies, you can earn a certificate in short-termcareer training programs including financial essentials, global business, human resource management, leadership, nonprofit management, and more.

Posted on 3/16/2016 12:08:53 PM

Register Now for Stock Market Planning and Investing

The Office of Extended Studies is offering the noncredit Stock Market Planning and Investing course to teach the basic fundamentals of investing, stock market planning, and wealth planning.

Posted on 3/14/2016 1:54:24 PM

IUP Offering Online Noncredit Courses for Alumni

IUP’s Office of Extended Studies is offering more than 1,000 noncredit, online courses at special pricing for alumni.

Posted on 2/12/2016 1:56:46 PM

Extended Studies Business Plan Now Available

Since its creation by Academic Affairs in March 2015, the Extended Studies staff has presented its business plan to all six academic colleges, the Dean’s Council, and the President’s Cabinet.

Posted on 1/21/2016 11:38:51 AM

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