University-Wide Retention and Persistence Committee

Students take notes during in a Pan-African Studies lecture

The goal of the University-Wide Retention and Persistence Committee (UWRPC) is to achieve a freshman to sophomore retention rate of 80 percent by 2022.


The charge of UWRPC is to:

  • Ensure deployment of strategies set forth by the Triumvirate for Persistence and Retention (TRIPR), which consists of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Manage information flow of retention/persistence activities in and between divisions
  • Advise TRIPR of current retention/persistence activities and assessments of in-progress or completed retention/persistence activities

Members of this group will meet on a regular basis and will rely on collaboration with others in the university to help further the university's retention and persistence foci. Others in the university may join the group when data analysis/assessment information is needed. Members will communicate with divisional colleagues regarding the strategic directions and will guide divisional implementation of initiatives.

2018-2019 Annual Report


  • Co-Chairs: Paula Stossel and Michele Norwood
  • Academic Affairs: Todd Cunningham, Dot Gracey, Michele Norwood, Stephanie Taylor-Davis,Dan Burkett, Megan McCue
  • Administration and Finance: Evie Carnahan
  • Advancement: Heather Andring, Mary Morgan
  • Enrollment Management: Tiffanie Fordyce, Tammy Manko, Paula Stossel
  • Marketing and Communications: Simon Stuchlik
  • President's Office: Chris Kitas, Barbe Moore
  • Student Affairs: Malaika Turner, Theodore Turner, Julene Pinto Dyczewki

Upcoming Events

The University-Wide Retention and Persistence Committee has been working for the past year to help provide direction and support for our students and their success. On October 23, we are hosting a Student Feedback Fair to talk to our students and assess how the campaigns that have been in place are working. Campaigns include Advising, Peer Mentoring, Financing your IUP Education, Registration, Wellness, and Student Engagement.

For more information on how to nominate a student to be invited to this important fair, please contact UWRPC co-chairs Michele Norwood ( orPaula Stossel (