Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing is an open-access textbook series geared towards undergraduate composition courses. The four co-editors include Trace Daniels-Lerberg (University of Utah); Dana Driscoll (English, Composition and Applied Linguistics doctoral faculty, and director of the Jones White Writing Center); Mary Stewart (California State University–San Marcos), and Matthew Vetter (English).

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing Volume 5 includes 22 new open-access essays and offers multiple perspectives on a wide range of topics about writing. In each chapter, authors present their unique views, insights, and strategies for writing by addressing undergraduate readers directly.

Volume 5 updates and adds to previous volumes on topics such as advanced rhetoric, translanguaging and code-meshing practices, revision workflows, environmental justice, social annotation, Wikipedia, plagiarism, accessibility, data analysis, writing knowledge transfer, and more.

Contributors include David Blakesley, Rachel Buck, Ellen Cecil-Lemkin, Amy Cicchino, Kristin DeMint Bailey, Zack DePiero, Danielle DeRise, Kefaya Diab, Ryan Dippre, Sydney Doyle, William Duffy, Tamara Gluck, An Ha, L. Lennie Irvin, Erin E. Kelly, Angela M. Laflen, Glenn Lester, Taylor Lucas, Jason McIntosh, Benjamin Miller, Oksana Moroz, Anthony J. Outlar, Alison Overcash, Mattius Rischard, Michelle Sprouse, Christopher Thaiss, Lisa Tremain, Silvia Vaccino-Salvadore, Crystal VanKooten, Matthew Vetter, Stephanie Wade, and Jennifer Wells.

All volumes in the series are published under a Creative Commons license and available for download at the Writing Spaces website, Parlor Press, and the WAC Clearinghouse.