Mike Sell and Literature and Criticism doctoral student Zeeshan Siddique are authors of “Decision Literacy, Multimodal Storytelling, and the Digital Storygame Project,” which appears in the current issue of English Journal, published by the secondary section of the National Council of Teachers of English.

Along with co-authors Rachel Schiera (co-leader with Sell and Siddique of the Digital Storygame Project) and Franklin Regional High School teachers Susan White and Julie Babal, they describe the methods the DSP team has developed over the last eight years to support the integration of decision-literacy education into middle- and high-school English Language Arts curricula. They accomplish this with Twine, an open-source software program that enables the creation of digital “choose your own adventure” stories.

The article describes the evolution of their pedagogy, provides practical advice for those interested in utilizing Twine in their classes, and suggests some of the ways that the integration of interactive storytelling can transform traditional literary analysis and enable adolescents to grow their ability to make thoughtful decisions.

The article appears in English Journal 112.3 (January 2023) and can be accessed for free online.