Dr. Dana Driscoll and Dr. Matthew Vetter (English) were named the newest ALPA Affordable Learning Champions by Affordable Learning Pennsylvania (https://www.affordablelearningpa.org/). They receive this honor as editors of Writing Spaces: Readings in Writing (www.writingspaces.org), an open access textbook series that has a global reach. Dr. Driscoll and Dr. Vetter, working with a team of collaborators outside of Pennsylvania, have been co-editors of Writing Spaces for four years. Writing Spaces is a peer-reviewed, open-source textbook series for college-level writing courses at the undergraduate level and is used by courses in developmental writing, first-year composition, advanced composition, and other general writing courses. It has had nearly 2.5 million downloads from around the world since 2010, and 500,000 downloads have occured since 2020. A conservative stimate of cost savings for students is over $9 million per year.