Gloria Park (director of the MA TESOL and Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD programs in the English Department) and alumna Kyung Min Kim '15 have published an article titled "It Is More Expressive for Me': A Translingual Approach to Meaningful Literacy Instruction Through Sijo Poetry."

Their article was published in the June 2020 issue of TESOL Quarterly, a journal that publishes theoretical and practical articles related to learning and teaching the English language.


Through a qualitative analysis of oneonone poetry workshops, this article explores ways in which a Korean American adultAuthor 2 (Park)develops translingual dispositions (Lu & Horner, 2013) and linguistic awareness of Korean. Situated within the translingualism literature (e.g., Canagarajah, 2017), sijo, a type of Korean poetry, became a conduit for gaining a greater insight into how meaningful literacy (Hanauer, 2012) can be enacted. The authors conceptualize the sijo composition session as a translanguaging event in that Park wrote autobiographical poems, employing multiple linguistic resourcesEnglish as an additional language and Korean as a heritage language. The analysis demonstrates that linguistic changes were frequently driven by Park's desire to communicate her message to achieve the convergence of linguistic and meaning negotiations. The findings explicate the continual process by which this translingual practice operates as recursive negotiations between language and meaning and between the two languages within the constraints of the sijo format. Those translingual negotiations became a conscious tool for selfexpression as well as a valued tool for language development. The authors argue for the incorporation of poetry writing into second language teaching to enhance learners' understanding and expressions of personal and transnational experiences.

Department of English