Tim Hibsman (English Department) published an article titled "The Future of Teen Success Lies in Purpose, Engagement, and Practical Applications" in Relationship & Family Magazine.

Article Abstract

Now more than ever, parents, students, and teachers should be aware of successful educational strategies. Every high school (and now home schooling) should focus on future expectations, purposeful engagement, and practical/meaningful learning. As students begins to transition between high school and the real world it is essential to develop necessary traits for survival, competence and success. There should be clear goals for finishing high school and the next step. Focus and engagement should increase as the stakes get higher. Practical learning involves many aspects such as maturity, social etiquette, behavior, skills, and knowledge that demonstrate their proficiency as young adults. An old mentor, experienced, high school, acronym-obsessed teacher once said to me that you should always stay focused on your audience TEENS = Teaching Engaging Education Needs to Students.