John Branscum and Yi Izzy Yu published two new literary translations in Wigleaf magazine: "The Slope of Tigers" and "Meat Vegetables."

These two stories are literary translations of the work of Ji Yun, chief librarian to the Emperor Qianglong during the Qing dynasty, and are examples of "zhiguai"a genre of nonfiction devoted to reflections on strange things and an important forerunner of both speculative fiction and creative nonfiction.

Wigleaf publishes the work of such leading world writers as Roxane Gay, Dan Chaon, Greg Mulcahy, Lily Hoang, Joe Wenderoth, Michael Martone, Lucy Corin, Terese Svoboda, and Robley Wilson, and work included is regularly nominated for awards such as the Pushcart.

Branscum is a professor in the English Department, and Yu is a graduate of the English Department's PhD in Composition and Applied Linguistics program.