Tim Hibsman (English Department) presented his paper "Practical Pretending and Role-Playing through Real-Life Apps" at the 2020 SoTLA (Scholarship of Teaching, Learning and Assessment) Conference held at West Chester University on January 9, 2020.

Presentation Title:

"Practical Pretending and Role-Playing through Real-Life Apps"

Conference Theme(s):

Primary: Engagement, Enhancement and Extension

Secondary: Instructional Vitality: Ways to Keep Teaching Fresh and Invigorated


Escape the classroom and walk into a simulated, real-life, practical, hands-on learning scenario. One of the best ways to teach students is to transform the classroom into real-life environment. The teacher may have to change roles and become an employer or customer to help the student visualize a practical scenario where they can implement their classroom skills.

Over a dozen free Apple Applications will be demonstrated to help students understand how academic skills are used beyond the classroom. These process-oriented, computer applications will help student to focus on course/career knowledge, goals and skills.

Audience Engagement:

This presentation will show teachers some possible exercises and innovative learning through educational simulations. The audience will be asked to consider implementing some simulation learning tactics in their classrooms. They will be asked to share their research and concept in a quick feedback forum. Multiple projects, assignments, and examples will be shared, showing the audience how students have the opportunity to pick a career associated with their major and immediately experience that environment through computer simulations.

Department of English