2013 C&T Awards

  • Awards Committee

    Pat Bizzaro, chair; Resa Crane Bizzaro; and Michael M. Williamson

    Gebhard Family MA TESOL Program Award for Creative Excellence

    Elizabeth L. "Adelay" Witherite

    Patrick M. Hartwell Memorial Scholarship

    Jason D. Long

    Promising Future Research in Composition Award

    Dee Ann M. Harrington

    Promising Future Interdisciplinary Research in Literacy Award

    Brian R. Fotinakes

    Promising Future Research in TESOL Award

    Kristene K. McClure

    The Ninacs Innovative Researcher in Composition Award

    Brent S. House

    Innovative Researcher in TESOL Award

    Héctor Manuel Serna Dimas

    Exemplary Interdisciplinary Research in Literacy Award

    Ann N. Amicucci

    Exemplary Teaching of Literacy and Language Awards

    Mitchell R. James

    Alex S. Romagnoli

    Catherine Kelly

    Professional Accomplishments in Research Award

    Lilian W. Mina