2010 C&T Award Winners

Rana Jilani receiving the Award for Professional Development:C&T Service Recognition Awards
Dr. Ben Rafoth
Dr. JeanNienkamp
Dr. Lisya Seloni

C&T Distinguished Alumni Award
Dr. Brian Huot

Gebhard Family MA TESOL Program Awards for Creative Excellence
Nawwaf Alhazmi
Chikako Hara

Patrick M. Hartwell Memorial Scholarship
Ann Amicucci

Promising Future Research in Composition Award
Dan Ruefman

Promising Future Research in TESOL Award
Atsushi Iida

Promising Future Interdisciplinary Research in Literacy Award
Dawn Fels

Ninacs Innovative Researcher in Composition Awards
Marjorie Stewart
Brian Fallon

Innovative Researcher in TESOL Award
Emma Liu

Exemplary Interdisciplinary Research in Literacy Award
Amy Minett

Exemplary Teaching of Literacy and Language Awards
Johnny Hrebik
Maggie Herb

Professional Accomplishments in Research Award
Raana Jilani