PhD Literature and Criticism Student Dissertations, 1972-2020

PhD students in an online meeting

Abu Odeh, Tayseer Y. 2016. Exile, Counterpoint and Late Style in the Work of Edward Said, Mahmoud Darwish, and Nuruddin Farah. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Achenbach, Pamela. 2018. The Doctor, or the Hero of the Millennials: A Generational Study of the Relationship Between Doctor Who and Its Audiences. Director: Thomas Slater

Aiken, Elizabeth. 2014. Capitalizing on Appalachia: Resisting Colonization and Exploitation in the Works of Ron Rash and Fred Chappell. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Alatrash, Muhammad. 2018. The Debt of Unconscious: Variant Manifestation of Debt and Consequences in the Post-Colonial Global South Narratives. Director: Susan Comfort

Al lbia, Salim. 2013. Beyond the Secular and the Religious: Forgiveness in Early Modern Drama. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Al-Badarneh, Abdullah. 2012. Female Oppression & Aspiration in Selected Nineteenth Century Novels by Elizabeth Gaskell, Charlotte Bronte, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Al-Dagamseh, Abdullah. 2012. Geopolitical Fractures: Ideological Critique of Global Neoliberal Capitalism in World Bank Literature. Director: Dr. David Downing

Al-Doghmi, Nancy. 2013. "I Am a New Breed. A Rebel": Defying Hegemonic Identity Constructions in Contemporary Arab-American Women Writers. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Aldowkat, Issam. 2018. Literary Orientalism: East-West Literary and Intellectual Interactions in Selected Texts from Late Eighteenth- and Early-to-Mid Nineteenth-Century English Literature. Director: Dr. Michael Williamson.

Aldukhayil, Zakarya. 2018. Dialectics of Resistance: Arab Intellectuals Confronting Nationalism and Universalism. Director: Susan Comfort.

Alghofaili, Sultan. 2018. The World of Post-9/11: Neo-Orientalism, Islamophobia, and the Crises of Religious Identity. Director: Christopher Orchard.

Alguzo, Nouh. 2012. "Religion but a childish toy": Atheism and Cynicism in the Life and Drama of Christopher Marlowe. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Alhawamdeh, Hussein. 2011. Tolerance in Depiction of the Muslim Orient in Restoration Drama. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer

Aliff, Angela. 2015. Writing for Certainty: Women's Reformist Exegesis in Early Modern England. Director: Dr. Chris Orchard

Al-Jarrah, Hamzeh A. 2017. The Identity Question in Black Existential Drama and Its Existential Manifestations. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Alkhalifah, Ziyad 2018. Responding to Terror in America's Global Literature, Film and the Media Narrative After the 9/11 Attacks. Director: Christopher Orchard

Almawaja, Motasim. 2010. Environmentalism, Modernity, Capitalism, and Cultural Hegemony in Six Contemporary Authors. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Almenia, Menia. 2017. Behind the Violence: Hegemony, Resistance and the World-System in Third World Postcolonial Literature. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Almostafa, Mohammad. 2012. Challenging State, Religious, and Gender Violence in Seven Contemporary Arab American Writers. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

AlQutami, Mais 2009. Feminist Resistance in Contemporary American Women Writers of Color: Unsettling Images of the Veil and the House in Western Culture. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Alnwairan, Met Eb. 2017. Representations of Muslims on the English Restoration Stage. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Alreshoud, Aishah. 2019. Gender Identities and Self Representations in Post 9/11 Global Arab and Muslim Women's Literature. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Al-Sarrani, Abeer. 2011. Challenges of Cross-Cultural Translation of American Literary Works into Arabic: Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin as a Case Study. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand

Al-Shara'h, Mais. 2018. Documenting Gender Equity in Renaissance Anthologies: A Study of the Contemporary Anthologization of Early Modern Women Authors. Director: Christopher Kuipers

Alshehri, Asmaa. 2019. African American Women's Activism and Leadership: Life Writing, Films, and Social Media from 1960 to Present. Director: Dr. Tanya Heflin

Al-Shraah, Bassam. 2011. "Tis Pity to be Caesar": Postcolonial Intimations in Shakespeare's Selected Plays. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer

Al-Shraah, Sameer. 2014. Negotiating Ethnic and American identities in American Multiethnic Drama. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Al-Soud, Tariq. 2020 A Comparative Study of Mobility in the British Victorian and Modern Arab Novels by Women: Jeopardizing Virtue and Honor. Director: Dr. Michael T. Williamson

Altomare, Francis. 2013. A Calculus of Fire: Strange Loops and Autopoietic Consciousness in Selected Twentieth-Century Fiction from Joyce to Philip K. DickA Cognitive Poetic Approach. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Andermatt, Andrew. 2011. Writing for Their Lives: A Toxic Discourse of Contaminated Hometown Communities in Selected U.S. Ecocatastrophe Prose, 1970-Present. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Applegate House, Renae 2008. Trinity of Consciousness: Body, Mind, Soul, and Female Identity in the Novels of Gail Godwin. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Ayres, Matthew. 2015. But Where Can We Draw Water?: Ideology, Myth, and Legend in Twentieth-Century Irish Literature. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Azizi, Ibrahim. 2015. Postmodern Tendencies in Contemporary Arab American Novel. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Babcock, Matthew 2009. Private Fire: Robert Francis' Ecopoetry and Prose. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Bailey, Aishia D. 2008. Speaking Through Stereotypes: A Comparative Study of Black Women's Performance Styles in Selected American Films. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

Baker, Alyce 2009. The Presence, Roles and Functions of the Grotesque in Toni Morrison's Novels. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Banks, Michelle E. 2015. The Unsung Feminist Heroine, Jessie Fauset: Liberator, Educator and Female Emancipator. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Banisalamah, Ahmed. 2010. "A Lass Unparalleled": The Scriptural Underpinnings of Women in Selected Shakespearean Plays. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer

Barker, Jamie. 2012. Learning to Listen: An examination of trauma in 20th century American poetry. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Baumgartner, Brad D. 2015. Weird Mysticism: Philosophical Horror and the Logic of Negation in Georges Bataille, E.M. Cioran, and Thomas Ligotti. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Begley, Joshua. 2014. Playing with Swords and Rayguns: A Grand Unified Theory of the Reception and Adaptation of Fantasy Genres. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers

Bell, Stephen. 2014. "The past is a country from which we have all emigrated": Reconciling Migrancy with Memory in the Works of Salman Rushdie. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Benigni, Amanda. 2015. Rereading, Rewriting, and Re-recovering the Literacy Legacy of Susan Warner. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Bertonazzi, Judy. 2013. Feminist Transformative Aesthetics in Three North American U.S. Novels. Director: Dr. Veronica Watson

Bodenschatz, Maria E. 2015. Domestic Violence in Nineteenth-Century British and American Women's Literature. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Bourne, Ashley. 2013. Postcolonial Ecocriticism in eighteenth and nineteenth century American Literature. Director: Dr. James Cahalan.

Burlingame, Christopher. 2019. Taming the Terrible?: Transgressive Novels, Adaptation, and the Illusion of Legitimacy. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Cappelli, Mary L. 2013. Gathering Wombs: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Decolonizing the Female Body in the Works of Mahasweta Devi, Margaret Randall, and Bessie Head. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Carlisle, Anthony 2009. The Black Press and the Shaping of Protest in African American Literature, 1840-1935. Director: Dr. Veronica Watson

Carswell, Sean. 2012. Political Resistance in the Novels of Thomas Pynchon. Director: Dr. David Downing

Carvalho, Edward. 2011. "To Cheer up Slaves and Horrify Desports": Martin Espada and the Language of Political Possibility. Director: Dr. David Downing

Chanoine, Cara. 2019. Poetry, Points, and Performance: Expanding the Scope of Slam Poetry Analysis. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Chen, Wan-li. 2011. Postcolonial Moments in Language Politics: Global Drama and Intercultural Performance. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Choo, Jae-uk. 2014. Uneasy Hybridity: the Nature and Culture of Science, and its Bioethical Implications in Select Victorian Fiction. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Chwala, Gregory Luke. 2017. Toward a Decolonial Queer Ecology: Reparative Reading of Gothic and Speculative Fiction. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Clough, William. 2012. Engaging Joycean and Post-Joycean Experimental Novels: Methods of Approaching Experimental Texts. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Colton, Adam. 2017. Rethinking the LMS: Game Design, Collaborative Learning, and the Literary Guild. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Cox, Margaret. 2016. Caribbean "Islands of the Mind": Reshaping the Ocularity of the Self. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Crawford, Meriah. 2014. It's Not What You Think: How Second-Person Narration Functions in Literature. Director: Dr. Tanya Heflin

Davis, Mary Elizabeth. 2010. On Advertising's Terms: The Weak Critiques of Consumer Capitalism in Player Piano, Fahrenheit 451, and The Space Merchants. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Davis, Sarah E. 2015. A New Model for Reading Adaption: The Textus, in a Case Study of Adaption of The Great Gatsby. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers

Dean, John E. 2008. Travel to Identity in the Mid-Nineteenth-to-Mid-Twentieth-Century Contact Zone of New Mexico: Knowledge Claim Tests and Platonic Quests. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Delcoco-Fridley, Lea. 2011. Motherhood: The Plight of the Non-Traditional Mother in Contemporary Multi-Ethnic American Women's Literature. Director: Dr. Cheryl Wilson

Denison, Sheri 2009. Walking Through the Shadows: Ruins, Reflections, and Resistance in the Postcolonial Gothic Novel. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

DeVido, Brett. 2012. From Utopian Dreams to 20th Century Dystopian Nightmares: Modern Fears of the World State and Big Brother in Huxley, Orwell, and Burgess. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Dickey, William. 2010. Beyond the Gaze: Post-Foucauldian Surveillance in Fictive Works. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Dories, Jeffrey. 2010. An Ecocritical Examination of British Romantic Natural History Writing: The Literature of a Changing World. Director: Dr. David Downing

Dunn, Carly. 2014. The Novels of Deirdre Madden. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Englehart, Claire. 2015. Trapped like a Trap in a Trap: Subversive Fiction of the Twenties and Thirties- Dorothy Parker's Outrage at the Failure of Advancement Toward Gender and Social Equality. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

Faktorovich, Anna. 2011. The Rebellion Novel Genre in 19th Century British Literature. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Farr, Sheila. 2019. "And They Lived Happily Ever After": The Seductive Narratives of Domestic Fairy Tale Adaptations in Popular Victorian Periodicals, 1850-1900. Director: Dr. Tanya Heflin

Faziana, Peter. 2020. The Intrusion of Trauma into the Daily Routine: The Consequences of the Interwar, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War in Literature. Director: Dr. Michael T. Williamson

Ficalora, Dominique. 2015. Beyond Visible Cities: Avant-Garde Actions & The Materialized Word in 21st Century New York. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Fitzpatrick, Theresa. 2019. Hyperrealities and Inverted Fakes: Purposes of the Otherworld Journey in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Alice in Wonderland, and American Gods. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Frances (Galliher), Debra. 2012. Shakespeare's Gardens and Nature Settings: Landscapes of the Reformation's Spiritual Individual. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer

Freiz, Ihab. 2011. Narratives of Old Era in the Contemporary African American Fiction of Toni Morrison and Ernest J. Gaines. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Fujino, Koichi. 2015. Social Combination: Teaching Two Fa(u)lkners and Digital Literacy. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Gainer, Mary. 2012. Invoking the Poet-as Seer: Proverbs and Maxims and Survival Strategies in Old English Poetry and Contemporary Dystopian Writing. Director: Dr. Gail Berlin

Galm, Brandon. 2018. Defining Post-Katrina Literature: Hurricane Katrina and Experiences of Disaster, Race, and Environment . Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Galm, Julia. 2019. Hyperprint: Exploring Modern Digital Ambivalence Through Mainstream Print Fiction. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

George, Amy. 2020. The Construction of Mosaic Identities in Asian American and Arab American Poetry. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Gibson, Charity. 2017. A Critical Literary Critique of the Normalization of White Motherhood and Mothering. Director: Dr. Veronica Watson

Gleason, Kevin. 2018. Traumatized Masculinity: Men and Boys in the Works of Tobias Wolff. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Gordon, Kelley 2009. The Nineteenth-Century Woman as a Letter Writer: Epistolary Concerns and Practices in Britain and America, 1840-1900 Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand

Grimes, Jessica. 2019. Imagination as a Counterhegemonic Epistemology in Postcolonial Women's Texts. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Guydish, Erin M. 2016. Fabulous Ordinariness & Self-Making: The Other Side of Usonian Identities. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Hagenrater, Amy. 2012. Men Who Mother and Women Who Won't: Giving Birth to a New Maternity. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Hamren, Kelly 2020. The Poetics of Metamorphosis in Russian Modernism. Director: Dr. Michael T. Williamson.

Hanna, William. 2012. From Idyllic Spaces to Urban Landscapes: Contemporary American Ecopoetics and the Composition of Place. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Heckmann (Turnbull), Gwendolyn. 2011. Women Who Kill Performing Feminist Resistance in 20th Century Multiethnic Women's Literature. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Hellman, Wesley. 2013. Power and Parody: Flann O'Brien's Satire of Repressive Irish Identity, 1937-1966. Director: Dr. James Cahalan.

Helvie, Forrest. 2013. Capes and Canon: Comic Book Superheroes and Canonical American Literature. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers

Hobbs, Burgsbee Lee 2008. Expatriate Spaces, Ex-Soviet Places: Narratives of Americans Abroad in Turn-of-the-Millennium Post-Communist Europe. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Holman, Matthew. 2012. Gothic Anxieties in Rust Belt Fiction. Director: Dr. Cheryl Wilson

Hummel, Jill. 2020. Queering Pregnancies: Gestating Bodies and Topic' Spaces in Contemporary Literature and Film. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Hurley, Meghan. 2019. Comply to Resist: Agency in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Feminist Dystopian Texts. Director: Dr. Tanya Heflin

Jacoby, Elizabeth. 2019. Educating Citizens: Three Fictional Representations of American Higher Education from the Modern University to the 21 st Century. Director: Dr. David Downing

Jefferson, Lynne 2008. The Emergence of a Pioneer: The Manipulation of Hagar in Nineteenth-Century American Women's Novels. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand

Johnson, David W. 2015. The Influence of Mid-Nineteenth Century Editors on Thoreau, Fern, and Whitman. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Johnson, Lars. 2012. Shouting for God: Resistance and Liberation in African American Evangelical Autobiography. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Joo, Seunghye. 2012. A Study of the Politics of Color in Lillia Hellman's Drama and Memoirs Against Colorism: Blackness, Redness, and Whiteness. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

June-Rodgers, Pamela 2009. Bodily and Narrative Fragmentation: Wounds, Scars, and Feminist Healing in Selected Novels by Postmodern Multiethnic American Women. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Katsiadas, Nicholas. 2019. Transforming Literary History in Romantic Myths in Comics: Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III's Promethea, and Mike Cary and Peter Gross's The unwritten. Director: Dr. Michael Williamson

Keita, Michelle 2009. Seeing, Saying, Knowing, Naming: Oppositional African-American Women's Poetics. Directors: Dr. Mike Sell and Dr. Veronica Watson

King, Jemayne. 2020. The Soles of Black Folk: African American Sneaker Culture and Its Influence in Literature, Film, Television, Sports Studies, and Music. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Keller, Irene 2009. Humorous, Satirical Dialogue Created by American Women Writers in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century and in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand

Kilicci, Esra 2008. J.D. Salinger's Characters as Existential Heroes: Encountering 1950s America. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

Konda Ntusi, Jean-Paul. 2015. White Double Consciousness and Blind Justice in Lillian Smith's Strange Fruit, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, and Geraldine Brook's March. Director: Dr. Veronica Watson

Kraemer, William 2009. The Hypnotic Literary Genre: Poetry, Tance, and Hypnotext. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer

Kranidis, Maria. 2019. Powerful Silences: Examining New Women's Femininity and Relationships in Silent Film. Director: Thomas Slater

Kraynak, Shana. 2015. "Upon Life and All Its Random Injustice": Post-Traumatic Masculinity of Superheroes, Villains, and Vigilantes in Graphic Novels, Television, and Cinema. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

Lagoe, Amanda. 2015. Jane Eyre and Becky Sharp's Progeny: Mapping the Governess in Victorian Literature. Director: Dr. Chris Orchard

LaMont, Hillary. 2012. Edward Albee as Queer Absurdist. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Lassiter, Tracy. 2013. Crude Designs, Slick Resistance: Petrofiction in the Global Age. Director: Dr. David Downing

Ledden, Dennis. 2013. The Effects of Ernest Hemingway's Relationship with Agnes Kurowsky on His Fiction. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Leonard, Sandra. 2015. Aesthetic Plagiarism and its Metaphors in the Writing of Poe, Melville, and Wilde. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers

Lewis, Krista. 2012. The Unsung Power of Urban Adolescent Literature: Using an Adolescent Identity Taxonomy to Understand and Teach Inner-City Students. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Lingle-Martin, Melissa. 2013. Dys/Figuring Lady Justice: Provocations of Justice in the Works of Three Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers Director: Dr. David Downing

Lint, Bradley Joseph 2008. Teaching College Literature: Educational Alignment and Literature Pedagogy. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Liu, Xiaodong. 2015. American Orientalism: A Study of Ethnic American Literature in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Lockhart, Lana N. 2015. Emasculation and Emancipation: African American Masculinity in African American Women's Literature, 1955-1985. Director: Dr. David Downing

Loudon, Matthew. 2019. We're One Weird Herd: Alternative, Queer Communities in Modern Animation. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

Lykissas, Alexandra. 2018. When Fairy Tales Collide: Collaborative Fairy Tales as Postmodern Feminist Discourse in 21st-Centruy Novels, Graphic Novels, and Visual Culture. Director: Tanya Heflin

Lugo, Andru. 2015. The Rebellious Novel: A Study in Conformity, Repression, and Resistance in Philip Roth and Selected Canonical Novelists. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Lutz, Brian. 2017. Poetic Hybridity. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Mahmoud, Ahmed. 2013. "We Are All Terrorists." The Representation of Terrorism, Violence, and Abuse of Power in Selected Shakespearean and Post-9/11 Plays. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Marcille, Carolyn L. 2016. Technology and Colonial Power in South Asian Postcolonial Literature and Science Fiction. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Marcink, Robert 2009. The Depiction of the Working Class in American Films of the Counterculture Era. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

Marino, Allyson Denise. 2012. At the Kitchen Table: Women, Food, and Materialist Feminism in Late Twentieth Century U.S. Multiethnic and Global Women's Literature. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Markovitz, Jeffrey S. 2017. Loneliness in the Gold: The American Campus Novel and the Corporatization of the American University. Director: Dr. David Downing

Martino-Harms, Andrea. 2014. "Brave the Stigma Manfully:" Examining Professionalism, Singleness, and Femininity in Mid-Victorian Heroines. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Marzano, Lisa. 2019. Making the White Folks Feel Better: Palliative Memory, Race, Collective Memory and Four Southern Novels. Director: Dr. Veronica Watson

Mascia, Stacey. 2013. Social Agency of Sideshow Performers in Culture and Film: An Analysis of Panoptic, Clinical, and Educative Gaze Constructs. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

McAleer, Patrick. 2012. Genre and the People: Tracing the Gothic Influence of Capturing and Challenging Social Trauma and Change in Literature. Director: Dr. Cheryl Wilson

McDuffie, Bradley R. 2015. Up the Long, Long Street: The Poetry, Other Writings, and Life of Donald Junkins. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

McMasters, Wesley. 2019. "Brahmins in the Quaker City": The Editors and Periodicals of Poe's Philadelphia, 1838-1844. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

McGrade, Susan. 2012. The Ways of White Women: Literary and Pedagogical Responses to Blackness. Director: Dr. Veronica Watson

McNeely, Judith. 2013. The Voice of the Fractured Spirit: Countering Combat Trauma and Restoring Individual Identity through Fiction. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Medvesky, Angelique Hobbs 2008. Faulty Vision and Hearing in the Novels of Anne Tyler. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Meljac, Eric. 2013. Intersections of Aesthetics, Ethics, and Politics: Coetzee, Beckett, and Kafka. Director: Dr. David Downing

Mgamis, Majid. 2012. Obtaining Power by Playing on the Weakness of Men: Women's Power in Agnes Gray, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Wuthering Heights. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Miller, Laurie S. 2008. Willa Cather's Journalism and Fiction: Romancing the Facts. Director: Dr. Susan Gatti

Mohamad Abdel Salam, Ghada. 2018. Twentieth-Century U.S. Women Playwrights and the Representations of Women, Men, and the Subaltern. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Muniz Villalon, Gerardo. 2019. New Weird Apocalyptic Narratives: Post-9/11 Representations of Disaster and Chaos in Fiction, Film, and Video Games. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

Mutzabaugh (O'Day), Elizabeth. 2011. Discontented, Proud, and Ambitious: Women and Competition in the Adult Fiction of Louisa May Alcott. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Norwood, Coral. 2012. Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: The Literary Reformation of Grace. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer

Oates Primus, Debonair. 2019. Racialized and Gendered Madness: Decolonizing Psycho-Social Hysteria in African American and Postcolonial African Black Women's Fiction. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Oldman, Ruth. 2017. Negotiating a Nation: Imperialism, Multiculturalism, and the Evolution of Identity in Medieval Scottish Borderland Literature. Director: Dr. Gail Berlin

Parchizadeh, Rezah. 2018. The Recurring Progress of English Political Thought in Shakespeare's Histories. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Park, Yong-Nam 2008. "The Melting Pot Where Nothing Melted": The Politics of Subjectivity in the Plays of Susan-Lori Parks, Wendy Wasserstein and Tony Kushner. Director: Dr. Ronald Shafer

Peschock, Tina. 2012. A Well-Hidden Secret: Harper Lee's Contributions to Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Powers, Thomas M. 2015. The Encoding and Decoding of Gendered Heroic Gender Quests in Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Blake's 7, and Torchwood. Director: Dr. Tom Slater

Praphan, Kittiphong. 2015. Rice Culture, Buddhism, Wars, and Diaspora: Mutual Legacies in Heterogeneity in Southeast Asian American and Diasporic Literature. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang.

Pristash, Christine. 2011. Englishnesses: Questioning English National Identity in Selected Works. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Proctor-Walden, Hershell N. 2017. Black Atlantic Connections: The Black Arts Movement and the Wole Soyinka. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Raftery, Nancy E. 2016. Adapting Place, Embracing Hybridity: Brian Friel's and Frank McGuinness's Dramatic Adaptations of Anton Chekhov and Henrik Ibsen. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers

Rafuse, Gabrielle 2009. Clothes Reading: Sartorial Consciousness in Postmodern Fiction by Women. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Redmond, Treasure. 2020. She Cuts a Heroic Figure: Listening to the Aural Intellectual Tradition of Margaret Walker Alexander, Jayne Cortez, and Patricia Smith. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Rhea, Leigh. 2013. Placing Percy: Pathologist of Postsouthern America. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers

Rhone, Zachary. 2014. Mythopoeia: The Unified Worldview of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, and George MacDonald. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Rice, Sarah C. 2017. A Tale as Old as Time: Bronte's Agnes Grey as Recycled Fairy Tale. Director: Dr. Michael Williamson

Richardson, Pamela. 2014. Racial Passing in Twenty-First Century Literature: Complication Color in the African-American Fin-de-Sicle Novel. Director: Dr. Veronica Watson

Ruffner Grieneisen, Courtney. 2012. The Non-ethnic Ethnics: America's Fascination with Simulated Italian Americanism. Director: Dr. Thomas Slater

Ryan, Ellen H. 2016. A Land of Picture: Novelized Art and Visual Literature in Cole, Cooper, and Hawthorne. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Sa, Mi Ok. 2014. Deconstructing Whiteness, Redefining Southern Literature: Bringing Back African American Voices into Southern Literature. Director: Dr. Veronica Watson.

Sandapen, Sheila 2009. Being Black, Becoming British: Contemporary Female Voices in Black British Literature. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Santoro-Murphy, Stacey V. 2016. The Voices of the Psychiatric Survivors: Women's Asylum Life Writing, 1860-2000. Director: Dr. Tanya Heflin

Sarver, Jay. 2012. Excavating the Archaic: Ethnopoetics and Strategic Primitivism. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Saunders, Judith. 2017. Configuring the Problematic Special Relationship in British Theater. Director: Dr. Chris Orchard

Seals, Jason. 2017. It Seemed All right, but it Wasn't: The Naturalistic Science Fiction of Jack London. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Sell, Carl. 2020. Recontextualizing the Once and Future King: Arthurian Appropriations from Historia Brittonum to Aquaman and Beyond. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers

Shah, Bahramand. 2013. Orientalism, Occidentalism and the Language of Conciliation: Political Discourses in the 9/11 Novel. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Shaner, Nicholas. 2019. Conceptions of Gender and Empire in U.S. - Mexico War Literature and the Borderlands. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Sheikh, Rubina. 2017. Reading Empire: (Counter) Narratives of 9/11. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Sherrill, Alana D. 2016. Holding Back the Mountain: Sustaining Place in the Appalachian Poetry of Robert Morgan, Kathryn Stripling Byer, and Ron Rash. Director: Dr. David Downing

Shindelar, Sherry. 2017. Will you . . . "I will . . ." and "I do": Re-envisioning Matrimony in Civil War Literature. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Shoemaker, Lauren. 2017. Structures of Terror in Caribbean Women's Writing. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Showalter, Jessica. 2015. Hemispheric Minstrelsies: Race, Nation, and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Performance. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Smith, Andrew. 2020. What do Manga Depict? Understanding Contemporary Japanese Comics and the Culture of Japan. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers

Socha, Kimberly. 2010. Dumb Animals, Crazy Broads and Ugly Truths: Rooting for the Avant-Garde. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Spivey, Matthew. 2014. Re-Reading Economics in Literature: A Capitalist Critical Perspective. Director: Dr. Christopher Kuipers.

Stennis, Leon. 2012. Jamaica Kincaid: A Thematic Resistance to Colonialism. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Stewart, Henry. 2012. Writings of the Written Off: Unlocking Locked-In Literature and Lives. Director: Dr. James Cahalan

Stewart, Mary Lou. 2011. The Self-Fashioning of the Nineteenth-Century Woman in American Woman's Literature. Director: Dr. Karen Dandurand

Stidham, Neal. 2014. "Harry Crosby, Experimental Materiality, and the Poetics of the Small Press. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood.

Stockslager, Tess R. 2015. The Author Who Lived: Charles Dickens, J. K. Rowling, Their Fans, and Their Characters. Director: Dr. Chris Kuipers

Suliman, Muhammad. 2014. Identity Formation Process of Arab Americans: Exile and Hybridity in Arab American Literature before 9/11 and after. Director: Dr. Lingyan Yang

Talafha, Haitham. 2011. Dismantling the Project of Global Capitalism in Joseph Conrad's Fiction. Director: Dr. Christopher Orchard

Taylor, Barbara. 2011. Revising the View of the Southern Father: Fighting the Father-Force in the Works of Shirley Ann Grau, Gail Godwin, and Alice Walker. Director: Dr. Ronald Emerick

Taylor, Rodney. 2020. Writing Back: Anti-Plantation Literature in the Reconstruction South, 1865 - 1905. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Tonti, Kaitlin. 2019. Domestic Shadows: The Fluidity of Spheres in Early American Women's Life-Writing, 1750-1810. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Ud Din, Kamal 2008. Mother Utters: Struggle and Subversion in the Works of Gwendolyn Brooks. Director: Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Ulmer, Jesse. 2016. Popular Music in the Films of Joel and Ethan Coen. Director: Dr. Tom Slater

Ussia, Matthew. 2012. The Children of Reagan: Troubling Pleasures in the Era of Privatization. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

Vilouta-Vazquez, Begona. 2017. The Colonial/Modern Gender System and Trauma in Michelle Cliff's Novels. Director: Dr. Susan Comfort

Von Schlichten, David. 2012. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps as Ecofeminist Preacher. Director: Dr. Todd Thompson

Wagner, Jill 2009. Engendered Edens: Postmodern Landscapes in Novels by John Fowles and Julian Barnes. Director: Dr. Cheryl Wilson

Walker, Marsha. 2012. Saturday's Child, Sunday's Christ: Masculinity, Religion, and Community in Select Twentieth-Century African American Poems, Plays, and Novels. Director: Dr. Mike Sell

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