Lilia Savova


Coordinator, Master of Arts in TESOL

Office: 506EE Humanities and Social Sciences Building
Phone: 724-357-3958


PhD, Sofia University (Bulgaria), 1988

Academic Interests

Teacher Education, Methodology, Second Language Teaching, Linguistics, Instructional Design, Technology

Dr. L. Savova is the MA TESOL program coordinator. She is also past chair of the TESOL Teacher Education Interest Section and one of the founders of the TESOL Graduate Student Forum (GSF), which is a one-day mini-conference preceding the TESOL Convention. Under her guidance, IUP students have hosted the GSF for three years.

Her scholarly work includes the publication of ESOL student and teacher materials, ESOL books and articles, presentations at national and international fora, and invited lectures. She was guest editor of the TESOL Journal's special issue on teacher education. Her research and pedagogical interests are shaped by her extensive international ESOL experience. Her teaching at IUP has included:

  • TESOL Methodology
  • TESOL Media and Materials
  • Introduction to TESOL
  • Technology and Literacy
  • Second Language Teaching
  • American English Grammar
  • Linguistics and the English Teacher
  • Language Assessment
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Independent Seminar in TESOL
  • Internship in ESL
  • College Writing
  • Research Writing
  • History of the English Language
  • Structure of the English Language