2015 English Undergraduate Awards

  • Outstanding English Majors


    • BS: Anna Lang
    • BA: Joseph Kukula and Yiling Chen


    • BS: Cassandra Eagan
    • BA: Mariel Nupp


    • BS: Elizabeth Warner
    • BA: Jacob Sloan

    Outstanding fourth-year:

    • BA: Alexa Kline
    • BS: Nick Marsellas


    • BS: Jonathan Rhodes
    • BA: Ashley Stoner

    Claudette Dolan Student Service Award

    • Hannah Matthews
    • Honorable Mention: Kelly Davis

    Outstanding Internship Award

    • Johanna Thompson

    Outstanding Professors

    • BA: John Branscum
    • ED: Dr. Emily Wender

    Outstanding Advisers

    • BA: Chris Orchard
    • ED: Jo-Anne Kerr

    Annual English Department Student Writing Contest Winners

    Creative Non-Fiction

    1. Jesse Cole: “The Unbraiding”
    2. Ashley Stoner, “The New Nigerian Hope: Daddy Ugbede”

    Critical Essay

    1. Nick Marsellas: “An Argument for Queer Jamaican Nationalism in The True History of Paradise”
    2. Jacob Sloan: “A Kind of Ethics: Structure, Totality, and the Persistence of Utopian Possibility in Ayi kwei Armah's The beautyful One Are Not Yet Born.”

    Linda Haldeman Short Fiction

    1. Allyson Leskovic, “Take One Twice a Day”
    2. Justin Bogar, “Pneuma Astheneias”
    3. Vincent “Sonny” Smarra, “Hunger Pains”

    Pedagogical Writing

    1. Alexa Kline: “Unit Plan: Reading Historical Fiction”
    2. Johanna Thompson: “Contrast & Contradiction in Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”
    3. Beth Warner: “Contrasts & Contradictions”

    Richard Hazley Poetry

    1. Jesse Cole, “Ode to the Cheat”
    2. Anna Lang, “Hiraeth”
    3. Renee Irwin, “A Hopeless Romantic in a World of Reality”
    4. Honorable mention: Allyson Leskovic, “My Aunt Paints Bible Verses on River Rocks”

    English Student Organization Officers

    New Growth Arts Review Editors

    • Matthew Faddis
    • Beth Warner
    • Megan McIntyre
    • Marquel Sherry
    • Kimberly Messer
    • Jesse McFadden Cole
    • Ursus Fedin
    • Patrick Haynes
    • Ian Wallace Taggart


    • Johanna Thompson, President
    • Elizabeth Warner, Vice President
    • Sequoia Van Camp, Treasurer
    • Emily Tkacik, Secretary
    • Nicolette Deyarmin, Historian

    Sigma Tau Delta

    • Nick Marsellas, President
    • Dana Formaini, Vice President
    • Ashley Stoner, Treasurer
    • Andy Wolfe, Secretary
    • Briana Richardson-Jones, Historian
    • Brittany Hilton, Public Relations
    • Ailey Clark, Public Relations
    • Zack Merritt, Academic Chair
    • Jess Stewart