2014 English Undergraduate Awards

  • Outstanding English Majors

    • First-Year BA: Igor Zagradanin
    • First-Year ED: Olivia Wolfe
    • Second-Year BA: Jacob Sloan
    • Second-Year ED: Elizabeth Warner
    • Third-Year BA: Gabrielle Bradshaw
    • Third-Year ED: Tori Loch
    • Valedictorian BA: Lindsey Quakenbush
    • Valedictorian ED: Ashley Bronakowski

    Claudette Dolan Student Service Award

    • Nicholas Marsellas and Emily Weber

    Outstanding Internship Award

    • Lindsey Quakenbush

    Outstanding Professors

    • BA: Dr. John Branscum
    • ED: Dr. Emily Wender

    Outstanding Advisers

    • BA: Dr. Mike Sell
    • ED: Dr. Helen Sitler

    Annual English Department Student Writing Contest Winners

    Creative Non-Fiction

    • 1st: Alyssa Altman: During and After 1,095 Days
    • 2nd: Elle Ladebu: Touch
    • 3rd: Emily Weber: Cleaning House
    • Honorable Mention: Joseph Canton: Shot in the Heart

    Critical Essay

    • 1st: Jacob Sloan: “Yes, Sir—Ma’am I Mane”: Tradition, Modernity, and Gender Subversion in Far From the Madding Crowd
    • 2nd: Chelsea O’Hanlon: Impotence and Sexuality in Bonnie and Clyde

    Linda Haldeman Short Fiction

    • 1st: Katherine Lewis: Montana Blues
    • 2nd: Clare Welsh: The Vanishes
    • 3rd: Emily Weber: The Necklace

    Pedagogical Writing

    • 1st: Michael Tosti: “Stargirl”: A Unit Plan for 10-Grade Language Arts
    • 2nd: Alyssa Altman: Four Types of Poetry: A Unit Plan
    • 3rd: Ashley Bronakowski: New Places, New Faces: Examining Esperanza Rising
    • Honorable Mention: Chelsea O’Hanlon: The Outsiders: Is One’s Identity Shaped by One’s Surroundings?

    Richard Hazley Poetry

    • 1st: Clare Welsh: Ghost Plane
    • 2nd: Katherine Lewis: Leukemia and Kissing
    • 3rd: Emily Weber: My Dog Watched Me Dress in the Dark

    Rosaly Roffman Innovation

    • 1st: Alonna Cuffe: I Cried Tears Over a Man I Never Met


    • 1st: Ciara Irwin: Scars 

    English Student Organization Officers

    New Growth Arts Review

    • Editor in Chief: Kathleen Sallada
    • Editor: Samuel Sullivan
    • Editor: Megan McIntyre
    • Editor: Renee Irwin
    • Editor: Marquel Sherry
    • Editor: Haley Woodley
    • Editor: Kiana McLeodEditorial Assistant: Matthew Faddis


    • President: Chelsea O’Hanlon
    • President: Ashley Bronakowski
    • Vice-President: Elizabeth Warner
    • Vice-President: Chelsea O’Hanlon
    • Secretary: Johanna Thompson
    • Historian: Alaina Richardson
    • Treasurer: Angela Lakis

    Sigma Tau Delta

    • President: Emily Weber
    • Vice-President: Lindsey Quakenbush
    • Secretary: Christina Soracco
    • Treasurer: Nicholas Marsellas
    • Publicist: Elle Ladebu